What enables Corteva’s Udayan program to interact with 1.13 lakh farmers?

Through Udayan farmer engagement programme, Corteva Agriscience focuses on establishing and nurture a relationship with its customers and channel partners
What enables Corteva’s Udayan program to interact with 1.13 lakh farmers?
What enables Corteva’s Udayan program to interact with 1.13 lakh farmers

In a span of four months since the launch of Udayan programme, Corteva Agriscience, the global agriculture company, has brought more than 10 lakh acre farmland under various crop protection and care services. Further, over 1.13 lakh farmers stayed connected through its ‘Farmer Connect App’ and thousands of field photos were shared. Lakhs of farmers interacted on social media and learnt to use better crop protection products.

Udayan – Tarakki ka Naya Savera, an integrated farmer engagement programme, focuses on establishing and nurturing a relationship with Corteva’s customers and channel partners. Aimed at empowering the farmers and bringing prosperity to them, the programme focuses on 3As – Aware, Alert and Act, as an enabler of change. The programme defines clear milestones to cover all phases of the rice-growing cycle from pre-sowing to harvesting. It further aims to create awareness and sensitise rice farmers on brown plant hoppers (BPH) menace, timely and effective usage of Pexalon, a science-based and sustainable solution to manage the BPH menace, thus increasing yield productivity by 10 per cent.

An industry-first initiative, Corteva has introduced a content-first and customer-centric communication and technological solution to engage existing users of Pexalon, onboard new users, and unite rice farmers across India in their fight against BPH infestation. With the help of ‘Farmer Connect App’, farmers can scan unique QR codes printed on Corteva products to distinguish between a ‘genuine Pexalon product’ against counterfeit, engage with fellow rice farmers and encourage others to use Pexalon.

“This programme was amplified by building a robust campaign ecosystem connecting all our on-ground activities with our digital programme via the Farmer Connect app. All delivered through an elaborate, and phased content marketing campaign adapted in regional languages cutting across boundaries, demographic and psychographic at every step, across our marketing channels,” the company has said.

Highlighting the programme, Gurpreet Bhathal, Marketing Director, Corteva Agriscience South Asia said “Corteva is committed to working towards developing technology-driven solutions to meet farmers’ needs today while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. We aim to provide products and services to help farmers produce what our food system demands while conserving resources and sustaining the land. In line with this commitment, our ‘Udayan’ programme focuses on educating the farmer community to use sustainable crop protection products that empower growers, protect their crop with precision.”

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), up to 40 per cent of food crops are lost due to plant pests and diseases annually. One of the major reasons is the low use of crop protection. In India, rice farmers have been grappling with decreased crop productivity, quality, and quantity of the yield due to pest attacks, especially the ‘Brown Plant Hopper (BPH), which reduces the output from anywhere between 30 per cent and 70 per cent. Through Udayan programme, Corteva aims at harmonising ecological, economic and social aspects in a holistic way, and ensuring benefit to the rice growers and the agricultural land.

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