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Utilising the Youth Power in Rural Marketing

Do you believe that the biggest challenge in reaching the last mile in rural India is the lack of skilled, experienced manpower? Well, worry not! I’ll help you to tap a massive pool of expertise, ready and waiting for you in every nook and corner of the country.

Friends, I am Ajay Adlakha, Editor-in-Chief of Rural Marketing business portal, welcoming you to my new blog. Here, I am on a mission to help businessmen and organisations to scale their businesses in rural India, by simplifying rural marketing strategies. Last week as part of Rural Influencers series, you read my blog on the effective use of post offices in rural marketing.

Now, in order to simplify your rural marketing strategies, I am going to introduce you to a network of well trained and skilled workforce which can efficiently take you to your potential customers in the villages. It is none other than the large grassroot network of volunteers of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, popularly known as NYKS.

Functioning under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India, NYKS is one of the most effective and efficient influencers in reaching to the rural markets. It is said to be the largest and unique grassroot level youth organisation in the world, which integrates power of the youth, based on voluntarism, self-help and community participation. They get imparted with skill training and promote sports activities in the rural areas.

However, there is a twist in the way this system works. NKYS appoints around 10,000 volunteers for two years contract. After two years, they have to make way for the next batch of youth. Their two years of involvement makes these volunteers good in communication skills, they can manage budgets, can write business proposals, interact with rural people, connect with the local administration and do many more jobs.

After their 2-year term, they are available to push your marketing efforts in rural India. Dear marketers, if you use them, you’ll get a skilled workforce while they would get employment. It will be a win-win situation for the both. Companies like Colgate and Novartis have successfully used them in their brand activations in the rural markets.

For district level activities, you can contact with the district youth coordinators and if you want to run a state level campaign, you can get the help of state level NYKS officials in reaching to the volunteers.

Friends, in the form of a great network of NYKS at grassroot level, I have put a big channel of rural influencers in front of you which can be used in catering to the rural markets. It can give your brands a handsome growth. So friends, I invite you to maximise your marketing efforts by innovative utilisation of this wide network of skilled workforce.

All you need to do is to get in touch with us. We, with a highly experienced team of marketing and business professionals can get you a handsome market share from the rural hinterlands. They will plan and execute highly effective and efficient business plans for your brand by utilising the NYKS volunteers.

And yes! If there’s anything specific that you want me to address in my videos and blogs, write to us. Watch out for my next series of videos on rural communication.

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