The Unheard Story of a Real-Life Hero

Real life heroes often remain unsung as they don’t get the recognition and praise for their extraordinary work. But it doesn’t bother them at all. They simply keep on working despite the adversities.  Here, we are going to talk about one such real-life hero who invented something that sounds very normal but is a great help to the farmers in rural India.

Santosh Kaveri, a young innovator-cum-entrepreneur is one such real-life hero. Hailing from a small village Shirwal in Karnataka, Santosh had seen a major financial crisis in his initial days. He started working at a very young age but made sure that his dream of achieving big never fades out.

Kaveri comes from a rural background and this has developed him a sense of understanding of the problems of the farmers at the grassroot level. One such problem is the use of a bullock cart for transportation of goods from one place to another.  These bullock-carts are handled by the rider and they don’t have a proper brake system. So, what people usually do to control the cart is they insert a rope in the nose of the bull and this certainly is very painful to the animal.  Santosh came up with a unique yet a very simple solution to this problem. He introduced brake system in the bullock-cart, just like a cycle or motorbike. He installed brake bearings and controller in the front part of the bullock-cart and attached brake-liner with a thread that is controlled by the rider.

The whole system has made transportation by bullock-cart quite an easy job. Earlier, it was tough for the rider to run bullock-cart on slopes or down-hills or turn it in small radii. This innovation has also reduced the chances of accidents as well as increased the capacity of the cart to carry more weight at a time. Further, dependency on manpower has also reduced as earlier more people were required to control the cart, at least at the time of stopping it. Now, this practice is not required with the brake-system.

This is just one of his innovations. Santosh has been working on many other ideas to make the lives of rural people easier. He has also invented a low-cost “Carrot Cleaning Machine” & a “Hot-water Geyser.”

People like Santosh are changing the face of rural India. He has proved that if you want to help people, lack of resources can’t hinder your path. More power to him!

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