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Re-strategizing Agri Input Marketing what no one is talking about. Watch Prof. Chander Sabharwal

In order to simplify rural marketing, we bring in the stalwart of rural marketing Prof. Chander Sabharwal. Managing Director, ISK Biosciences India, a Japanese MNC in agriculture science. Prof.Sabharwal holds over a 5-decade long professional journey in the agrochemical industry; from molecularization to product development to bringing into the farmers’ fields. With having deep inroads in India’s rural markets, Prof. Sabharwal has also been teaching the young minds and future marketeers at Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad and Amity Business School. He has been on the boards of many public sector banks, financial institutions and corporate houses.

In this series of Rural Talks with Ajay Adlakha, founder and Editor-in-Chief, Rural Marketing, Prof. Sabharwal is talking about Re-strategizing Agri Input Marketing what no one is talking about, evolution of consumerism, rural aspiration, growth drivers, challenges & opportunities, data analytics, digitisation and many more inspiring case studies in the rural markets.

The candid discussion will help you understand the transformation taking place in India’s rural markets over the decades.

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