Using remote sensing and GIS, Yuktdhara to facilitate planning of MGNREGA

The platform will serve as a repository of assets created under various rural development programmes such as MGNREGA, IWMP, PDMC and RKVY
Using remote sensing and GIS, Yuktdhara to facilitate planning of MGNREGA
Using remote sensing and GIS, Yuktdhara to facilitate planning of MGNREGA (Representational Image: Shutterstock)

The new portal under ‘Yuktdhara’, which has been launched today, will facilitate the planning of new MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) assets using remote sensing and GIS (geographic information system) based information. This platform will serve as a repository of assets (Geotags) created under various national rural development programmes such as MGNREGA, Integrated Watershed Management Programme, Per Drop More Crop and Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) among other schemes.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Yuktdhara’ Geospatial Planning Portal, Union Minister of State for Prime Minister’s Office; Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions; Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space, Jitendra Singh said, “The name given is very apt as word ‘Yukt’ is derived from Yojanam, the planning and ‘Dhara’ indicates the flow. It is definitely a culmination of untiring joint efforts of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and Ministry of Rural Development made towards realising a G2G service for rural planning in support of decentralised decision making.

Dr. Singh acknowledged the potential and services of ISRO’s Geoportal Bhuvan and highlighted that due to its rich information base, satellite images and analytical capabilities, Bhuvan, in fact, has become a de-facto geospatial platform for a number of developmental planning activities in the country.

The minister said that the high point is that, this portal has integrated a wide variety of thematic layers, multi-temporal high-resolution earth observation data with analysis tools. Planners would analyse previous assets under various schemes and facilitate the identification of new works using online tools. Plans prepared would be evaluated by appropriate authorities under state departments. Thus, Yuktdhara based plans would be prepared by grassroot functionaries and verified by appropriate authorities for relevance and resource allocation. This would ensure the quality of plan and enable a long term monitoring of the assets created over the years.

The minister pointed out that GeoMGNREGA on Bhuvan had received wide acclaims. The Geotagging of assets had successfully implemented the progress based disbursement of the funds during the process of creation of rural assets. Also, a citizen-centric mobile application Janmanrega has helped the rural population for providing feedback using Bhuvan services. He was of the view that the synergy of geographic information and earth observation technology had not only brought the value of location to each rural asset, but also brought in unprecedented transparency in MGNREGA programme.

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