StoreHippo facilitates agritech startups with next-gen e-commerce solutions

StoreHippo’s features and headless architecture make it easy for agritech brands to quickly add new customer touchpoints and pivot to new business models
StoreHippo facilitates agritech startups with next-gen e-commerce solutions
StoreHippo facilitates agritech startups with next-gen e-commerce solutions

StoreHippo, the next-generation e-commerce platform offering end-to-end e-commerce solutions, designed to help agritech brands build next-gen solutions for their unique business requirements and move ahead of their competition. With a long experience in providing tailor-made solutions for digital-native as well as non-conventional businesses, StoreHippo can easily cater to the unique requirements of agro-based brands.
StoreHippo’s agritech solutions are powered by MACH (Micro services, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture which gives the agro-based brands complete freedom to experiment and implement hybrid business models. Agritech startups can easily combine 3-4 popular e-commerce business models like a multi-vendor marketplace, location-based stores, multilingual and B2B e-commerce and implement a disruptive solution. Brands looking for rapid scalability and tested solutions can go to market in record time and scale to any number of sellers, products, online storefronts and geographies using StoreHippo fully hosted and managed e-commerce platform.

StoreHippo’s offerings for agritech brands

  • Hyperlocal marketplace model to enable businesses to run hyperlocal marketplace powered by dealers who can streamline local deliveries more efficiently.
  • A complete solution to build and manage multiple storefronts from a centralised admin.
  • Multilingual website and admin panel to facilitate farmers and other stakeholders in doing business in their local languages.
  • Mobile apps and mobile-first solutions to reach sellers, dealers and customers on their mobile apps (as mobile is the only way to access the internet).
  • Complete B2B and D2C e-commerce solutions to enable wholesale and retail business channels from a single agritech portal.
  • Seamless integrations with chosen payment channels, delivery partners, marketing tools, ERP, CRM, and accounting software.
  • Inbuilt delivery boy solution so farmers and dealers can manage their own fleet of delivery boys.

StoreHippo’s 300+ native features and headless architecture make it easy for agritech brands to quickly add new customer touchpoints and pivot to new business models. Online agro-products stores built on StoreHippo can be easily and quickly personalised with unique themes, languages (including RTL like Urdu), customer segment or location-based payment and shipping options and more. Agritech brands planning global expansion can leverage the inbuilt go-global features and accept multi-currency payments from international clients. StoreHippo also has 60+ integrated payment gateways and 30+ integrated delivery partners to ensure frictionless checkouts and a seamless supply chain.
Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, StoreHippo said, “The next agricultural revolution is happening in the digital space. Agriculture which contributes 20 per cent to Indian GDP needs a major facelift to align with the changing market and customer demands. Innovative agritech solutions are bringing data-driven insights to farmers for better yield, crop protection, sustainability and growth. The agriculture sector also needs easy and quick access to the market to help agri-producers and sellers get better ROI for their hard work. To connect the various tools and technologies for better agro-production, distribution and sale the agriculture sector needs uniquely designed cutting-edge agritech solutions. StoreHippo offers broad-spectrum agritech solutions that can modernise and streamline agriculture as a profitable business for all stakeholders. The agile and flexible StoreHippo platform can be easily modified at the frontend and the backend to accommodate the unique requirements of agriculture.”

E-commerce is pushing boundaries and has fast pervaded even the core sectors like agriculture. With an expected growth at a CAGR of 18 per cent in the coming five years, the global agritech market is projected to be worth US$41.17 billion by 2027. The agriculture sector has long been driven by the ages-old business models where farmers had hardly any say in the way their yield would turn out or the way the market demands will change. To offer inclusive and sustainable growth, the agriculture sector needs to be driven and powered by cutting edge solutions.

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