JK Cement WallMaxX launches new brand campaign, ART means Science!

The 360-degree advertising campaign is live across TV channels, digital, outdoor, radio, and social media
JK Cement WallMaxX launches new brand campaign,  ART means Science!
JK Cement WallMaxX launches new brand campaign, ART means Science!

The leading Indian cement brand and the pioneers of Wall Putty in India, JK Cement has been at the forefront of innovation in its product offerings and marketing communication. Its marquee brand, JK Cement WallMaxX known for its, Deewarein Bol Uthengi tagline has released a new TVC titled, #ArtManeScience with its iconic brand protagonist, Chhutkau painter.

A partnership of over 12 years, Chhutkau painter has been associated with JK Cement WallMaxX (formerly known as JK Wall Putty), to educate and bring awareness among painters and homeowners about the promise of beautiful and durable walls. In the new TVC, #ArtManeScience, Chhutkau collaborates with world-renowned scientist Dr. Bakshi, to educate the consumers about the A-R-T of Science that gives walls the world’s most long-lasting beauty.

The company clearly saw the need to reinforce the brand promise with tangible proof of the product’s superiority with the entry of some leading wall paint brands in the wall putty space. They realised that now is the time to shift from a generalised claim of beautiful walls to a specific Reason to Believe (RTB) driven campaign and communication. The incubation of the campaign idea came after an Abrasion Resistance Test which was conducted in their state-of-the-art lab. The team found out that the surface coated with JK Cement WallMaxX Putty was virtually unaffected while an external force of abrasion was applied to it. This is Science of ART – Abrasion Resistance Technology!

Business Objective:  To consolidate the global leadership position of JK Cement WallMaxX Wall Putty, by clearly defining the product advantages to prospective customers and loyal buyers.

Communication Objective: To anchor on the popularity of its brand protagonist, Chhutkau Painter, and catch the TA’s attention and create a prominent brand recall with a captivating hook – ‘ART mane Science’.

Insights: In order to test the efficacy of the chosen ‘art mane science’ campaign thought, as also the credibility of the ART mnemonic, the company went in for a pan- India qualitative market research. The larger objective was to also gauge the current perception of both, painters and homeowners, about the product and its current emerging competitive universe. While the brand’s attributes were already clearly understood by the audiences, what was hugely exciting, was the huge enthusiasm for ART as a credible brand promise. That sealed the deal for the new campaign idea!

The campaign has been conceptualised by Basic4 and brought to life by Fullmoon Productions.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Niranjan Mishra, Business Head, JK White Cement Business said, “As JK Cement WallMaxX enjoys a market leadership position in the wall putty category, it becomes important for us to constantly innovate and give our customers world-class product quality. Abrasion Resistant Technology is a testimony to our product’s superiority and through #ArtManeScience campaign, we will be able to communicate this unique value proposition.”

Nitish Chopra, Head – Branding & Strategy, JK White Cement Business said, “The fact that the idea ART Mane Science, actually stemmed from our product’s value proposition, was compelling enough to translate it into a successful campaign. Obviously, we also had the advantage to leverage the cult-like status of our brand protagonist, Chhutkau Painter, and catch the TA’s top-of-mind space, with the intriguing hook – ‘ART Mane Science’. But, what was particularly satisfying was the execution of this campaign – from the ART gallery set to the modern contemporary soundtrack and the hard work put in by the entire team. It all made the TVC film more compelling and entertaining to watch.”

Target Audience: Primary-Home-owners; Secondary – painters, builders, architects, contractors and owners of commercial properties.

  • Media: A 360-degree media approach has been adopted
  • HSM News Channel & GEC in Television
  • Leading radio stations
  • OOH and on-ground activations
  • Digital – social, display, OTT, news and publications
  • Campaign start date:  The campaign started on September 10,  2021

Media Outcome

A critical mass was reached out through the #ArtManeScience campaign where the initial objective of awareness was fulfilled. Over 275 million core audience reached through HSM news. A target reach of 15 to 20 per cent achieved through its regional television advertising. Radio activity ensured a combined listenership of over 8 million in select markets. The #ArtManeScience campaign has garnered over 20 million views and 42 million impressions across all digital platforms with a 2X engagement than usual so far.

Click here to watch the campaign video

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