Skilled Education Should Be A Focused Area


    Are you satisfied with the present education system of the state as well as of our  country ?
    I am not satisfied at all with the present education system of the country particularly of our state. The education system of the primary level does not pay any importance in quality education. It has not given any kind of practical knowledge to the pupil.

    What do you mean by quality education ?

    The present education system pays importance in content. From the very beginning we are concentrating to introduce the school going pupil with more contents, but we do not pay any importance in the practical knowledge. They are not taught about their surroundings, about the people around them. At high school level, the most important subjects like History and Geography are removed from the curriculum. But Government had removed these two subjects from the curriculum and through this they want to create such generations, who has no attachment towards the society, to the people, to their motherland and also towards their nation. Now, our education system has created some educated people who has no accountability towards society.

    Do  you think your university produces human resource every year ?
    No, but problem begins at the root of our system. We  produce human resource not with moral value  and accountability towards society. We produce more than lacs  degree holders, but most of them are not employable. If we search for plumber you will get only less than hundred plumbers, while at the same time you will get more than ten thousand graduates who has no practical knowledge. And that is why they are unemployed. We should not think that 100  percent people of our society should be master’s degree holder or doctor or engineer.

    What will be your suggestion in enhancing human resources ?

    In developed countries, students are not treated equally or they are not taught the same subjects at a time. After pre-primary, teachers  judge about the interest and  inert capability of the students and accordingly they are given skilled knowledge. So, there is no problem of unemployment. Our education system should be changed and the government should take the initiative. Most of the educationist of the state has suggested  about the skilled education but the government has not paid any importance to that.

    Most of the time it is seen that the toppers from the state are unable to get seats in the best colleges outside. Kindly share your comment?
    Assam produces brilliant students every year, but the problem is related  with the marking pattern and question pattern of our examination. Our examiner has given emphasis on long  type questions. Objective type questions are not  included in the question paper and that is the only reason that the students are unable to score full mark in the exams. But nowadays teachers extra give marks to students so that percentage increases.

    Do you agree that the  crime percentage  among the present generation is increasing day by day ?
    It is only because of the lack of proper moral and value education. Moral education is totally neglected at the primary stage. A vast curriculum without any practical knowledge is introduced at the very beginning. Our education system creates only degree holders.