PPP Should Only Be In Higher Education


    How do you perceive the current state of education in the country, and the scenario in rural India in particular?
    During the last few years the government has taken lot of initiatives for lower education as well as for  higher education. Government of India has given special emphasis on establishing modern colleges in all districts of the country and also to provide input especially to the vocational education and also modern facilities in science and technology. The Government wants to establish more modern colleges with accommodation facility. So, initiatives have been taken, and more will be taken in order to make the situation better in the education sector.

    The trend of brain drain is a major concern in India, and it is even a greater issue in rural India. What are you views on this?
    Those who have attained higher education leave their native places for big cities. So, after some years they are completely cut off from their place of origin. Development of the villages is not happening fast as it is mostly concentrated in the cities. The government should think and plan to establish institutions with all the facilities in the remote areas. Then only, I think, we can keep the talents connected with the rural.

    We are still following an archaic curriculum designed 30-40 years back. What are your views on it?
    Many of the universities of the country are revising and updating their syllabus every three years, and new courses and new innovative ideas are being introduced. For example, in our university we have introduced Masters in Performing Art which incorporates Manipuri Dance and others. Like this, we think of new ideas, and this is how we can bridge the gap.

    How do you see the role of private players in bringing a change in the Indian education system?
    Public Private partnership is coming up, but we should think of it only in higher education. If we think of it in school, then rural students will not be able to attend due to high fees.

    What is the ultimate dream for your university?
    To make a university it takes hundreds of years. We are planning to incorporate culture and heritage in the our curriculum beside the traditional courses which every university has got. We are thinking of giving more emphasis on fine arts, painting, dance and Manipuri language.

    What is the USP of your university?
    In North-East India, our university is the first with BBA and Masters in Physical Education courses, and we designed this syllabus after having looked into our sports talents, so that our students excel in sports. We are also trying to incorporate academic input to our sports. Others are agriculture and dance. We have Department of Manipuri working and has been contributing in spreading the language so that people can know our culture and language not only in India but in the other countries as well. Apart from these, we have a department in life science, biotechnology and chemistry.