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13 Marketing Strategies to succeed in rural India

Rural markets present an opportunity of potentially adding $1.8 trillion to the Indian economy. However, while designing the rural marketing strategy, marketers need to know the pulse of this highly-aspired segment that resides in rural. rn

Coca-Cola Hello Happiness

To give labourers in the UAE a few extra minutes of happiness, Coca-Cola created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth -- a special service that accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of coins for a free 3-minute international phone call, helping them connect with their families back home more often

Vodafone Musical Earmuff

During the winter of January 2013, Vodafone India ran a campaign to spread awareness about its range of Value Added Services, at the Maha Kumbh Mela -- the largest religious festival in the world, visited by over 100 million people