World Fisheries day to focus on Sustainable Development

The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare is celebrating the World Fisheries day on November 21
World Fisheries day to focus on Sustainable Development

World Fisheries Day is commemorated to draw attention to over fishing, habitat destruction and other serious threats to the sustainability of our inland and marine resources. It is celebrated every year on November 21 throughout the world by the fisher folks. In line with this, The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries is celebrating the World Fisheries day on 21st November, 2015 at the NASC Complex, Pusa in New Delhi.

The event will be inaugurated by Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Minister Radha Mohan Singh. Fisher folks and representatives of fishermen associations/ federations etc from all the States /UTs across the country will participate in the World Fisheries Day celebration. “As a part of World Fisheries Day celebration events like exhibitions, poster display, release of publications and souvenir, felicitating the fisherfolks etc are also arranged with an aim of highlighting the importance of fisheries in India,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry said, “We need to look beyond the economics and ensure that environmental well-being is compatible with human well-being in order to make long-term sustainable prosperity a reality for all. To this end, promoting responsible and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture is a central theme and purpose.”

Fish continues to be one of the most-traded food commodities worldwide. It is especially important for developing countries. The government plans to provide a wider stewardship and improved governance of the sector, Food & Agiculture Organisation (FAO) is advancing Blue Growth as a coherent framework for sustainable and socioeconomic management of aquatic resources.

World Fisheries Day celebrations serve as an important reminder that we must focus on changing the way the world manages global fisheries to serve sustainable fish stocks and healthy ecosystem.

Realizing the great scope for the development of Fisheries in India, the Prime Minister has called for “a Revolution” in the fisheries sector and has named it as “Blue Revolution”. It visualizes “Creating an enabling environment for an integrated and holistic development and management of fisheries keeping in view the sustainability, bio-security and environmental concerns”. The Blue Revolution, with its multi-dimensional activities, focuses mainly on increasing production from aquaculture and fisheries resources, both inland and marine. The vast fishery resources offer immense opportunities to enhance fish production through aquaculture-system diversification, species diversification, proper management, introduction of new and advanced technologies in both marine and inland sector, adoption of scientific practices and application of suitable fish health management strategies etc.

The government has adopted a focussed approach in ushering in Blue Revolution through an integrated development and management of fisheries and aquaculture sector would ensure sustained acceleration and intensification of fish production beyond the projected annual growth rate. Accordingly, a comprehensive proposal in the form of an umbrella scheme for ‘Integrated Development and Management of Fisheries’ covering inland fisheries, aquaculture, marine fisheries including deep sea fishing, mariculture and all activities towards realizing “Blue Revolution” is being prepared and finalized.

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