Wonder Cement provides clean drinking water in rural areas

Launches ‘Swach Jal Sabka Haq’ campaign for 29 districts in Rajasthan,MP and Gujarat and it aims to reach 90 locations in each district to benefit over 16 lakh people
Wonder Cement provides clean drinking water in rural areas

At the time of the year when the water crisis is a major concern and some of the cities in India are facing drought-like situations, Wonder Cement Ltd, one of the country’s youngest and fastest growing cement company has launched a campaign christened ‘Swach Jal Sabka Haq’ ( Clean Water, Everybody’s Right). 

The initiative has been launched with an objective to provide clean and cold drinking water to people across 29 districts in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

Vivek Patni, Director, Wonder Cement said, “Many states in India are facing water crisis today. Due to the rapid growth in the urban areas, we have stretched our natural resources. Through ‘Swach Jal Sabka Haq’ initiative, we have identified prominent locations and areas for supplying safe and fortified drinking water for general public to quench their thirst and provide them some relief from the scorching heat.”

Nearly 32 Mobile vans will be deployed across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh from 10 am to 6 pm. They will be parked for two and a half hours at each location at public places and acquainted sites, providing access to clean and cold drinking water.

Through this gallant initiative, Wonder Cement aims to reach at least 70-90 locations in each district and plans to provide relief to over 16 Lakh people.

Wonder Cement is a cutting-edge cement manufacturing company with an ambition to establish itself as a leading player in the industry. Enriched with the heritage of RK  Marble, a leading name in the marble industry, Wonder Cement’s corporate culture is built on the values of quality, trust and transparency. An emphasis on technological superiority enables them to differentiate their offerings through impeccable quality and effective communication.

The plant is located in Nimbahera, District Chittorgarh, in Rajasthan. It has a capacity to produce 6.75 Million Tons of cement per year. The state of the art manufacturing unit was established in technical collaboration with ThyssenKrupp and Pfeiffer Ltd. of Germany, the world leaders in cement technology, and it produces cement at par with international standards. Special efforts were taken to ensure that the plant upholds the latest environmental norms and with the help of a reverse air bag house, ESP and a number of nuisance bag filters, the plant remains clean & dust free. 

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