What does John Deere’s advancing its Operations Center mean to farm data management?

The new, look, feel and navigation of the John Deere Operations Center makes it easier to use and provides a more consistent user experience with the mobile version
What does John Deere’s advancing its Operations Center mean to farm data management?
What does John Deere’s advancing its Operations Center means to farm data management?

In order to meet the constantly changing demands of the business of farming, John Deere has improved the look, feel and navigation features of its popular cloud-based system — Operations Center — to bring new levels of clarity and organisation to farm data management.

Another improvement John Deere made to the Operations Center is the addition of the new Work Planner feature farmers can use to streamline their work set up experience and help operators start working more quickly in the field.

Going forward, farmers can use the Operations Center to collect and securely store their field, crop, and machine data from their connected machines for easy analysis and decision making. Since the system is cloud-based, it eliminates the need for transferring data via USB sticks.

“We know farmers are always on the move, which makes the mobile app version of Operations Center, more important than ever,” said Jennifer Badding, go-to-market manager – digital technology, with John Deere. “That’s why John Deere has made improvements to both versions, web and mobile, to make them look and function in a similar manner, so farmers have clear and easy access to their data from any device.”

To get the most from John Deere precision agriculture technologies, Badding said farmers need four things: a Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, a StarFire™ receiver, a JDLink™ connection, and the Operations Center. “A Generation 4 display gives farmers control of machine functions with more precision, right from the cab, and the StarFire receiver ensures accurate positioning. JDLink serves as the wireless connection between their machines and streams data from the Generation 4 display to the Operations Center.”

Using the Operations Center’s Work Planner feature, farmers can now define field specific work details such as variety, prescription, or guidance lines in advance to simplify the operator’s job in the cab.

The improved Operations Center brings clarity and organisation to farm data management, and can help farmers set up, plan, and monitor their field work, and analyse their data to make sound business decisions:

  • Setup fields, varieties, and products and sync them to the display via a JDLink connection.
  • Plan fieldwork with the Work Planner to keep operators efficient and reduce data entry errors.
  • Monitor equipment and fieldwork from anywhere using the Operations Center mobile app to optimise productivity and job quality.
  • Analyse the performance of fields, varieties, and products with the new Analysis tools to turn this year’s results into next year’s plans.

The improved Operations Center is active online, and the iOS version for Apple® mobile products is available in the Apple App Store®. The Android version will be available from Google Play in the coming weeks. is now on Telegram. Click here to join Rural Marketing on Telegram and stay updated with the latest news and updates on rural business and economy.

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