We will deepen our cooperation in agriculture PM Modi

At the Workshop of Agriculture Cooperation in Dushanbe Tajikistan Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that possibilities of cooperation are endless
We will deepen our cooperation in agriculture PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed a joint event on agriculture in Dushanbe Tajikistan and said that it should be natural for India and Tajikistan to collaborate in the fields of agriculture, livestock and dairy.

Addressing a workshop on Agriculture cooperation, he said, “ This is the first time we have a joint event on agriculture, especially on a scale as large as this and we will deepen our cooperation in agriculture.”

Prime Minister Modi said that as in the world of business, international partnerships can also be catalysts for the development of agriculture.

“Today, we are self sufficient in food grains and one of the major exporters of farm produce and animal products. Today, the possibilities of cooperation are endless. Realising them is important,” he added.

The Prime Minister said, “We can understand some of the problems that Tajikistan is facing today, because we have gone through that path ourselves.So, our solutions and our experiences may be more relevant to Tajikistan than, perhaps, what more advanced nations may have to offer.That is why our cooperation can be more fruitful for Tajikistan.”

“We have created a resource base that will be of great value to our friends in Tajikistan.
We have world class institutions of research and training in agriculture, dairy and live-stocks under every possible climatic condition,” he added..

The Prime Minister offered cooperation to Tajikistan in farming techniques and farm equipment that are affordable and effective.

“We have good seeds and processing technology and equipment. Some of these might be especially useful for cotton farming. And, we have done well with micro irrigation systems,” Modi said.

“Nothing will give us more joy than the opportunity to share all that we have with our friends.We can help in increasing the range of crops you produce and the number of crops you get in a year. Greenhouse cultivation is a process that will be well suited for Tajikistan,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that India can share its experience in contract farming and developing the dairy industry, including dairy processing plants. Indeed, for Tajikistan, dairy and live stocks hold great potential to make up for the constraints of land.

“We can work with you in water conservation and micro-irrigation, and in improving the health of the farm soil here. In India, we have launched a soil health card, just as the farmer might have his own health card,” he added.

“So, our cooperation in agriculture is central to the shared vision and aspirations of India and Tajikistan,” the Prime Minister said.

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