Water for Agriculture Running dry

With the ever-increasing pressures on the water, farmers are required to find out innovative ways to get more crops per drop
Water for Agriculture Running dry

The drought-hit Marathwada region in Maharashtra has had its share of problems over the past two years, but matters are now coming to a head.

Battling one of the worst droughts in the recent past, the region is left with paltry 380 million cubic metres (MCM) of usable water in over 800 dams in the region and the condition is likely to get intense in the coming days.

While, on the one hand, the nation had urged people to celebrate dry holi to conserve water, on the other hand, we are cultivating thirsty crops like rice and sugarcane.

During such critical time, every drop of water is worth its weight to farmers, so it can be said that handling irrigation goes hand-in-hand with managing the drought.

And, with the ever-increasing pressures on the water, farmers are required to find out innovative ways to get more crops per drop.

However, no single innovation can conserve enough water to end the global water crisis, but there are a number of innovations that are helping farmers maximise their water usage and strengthen food security – and are widely accepted worldwide.

For instance, four decades ago Israel invented drip irrigation that delivers water directly to the root zone of a plant and saves this natural resource.
Besides, many farmers in water scarce developing countries use recycled wastewater for irrigation.

Using such innovative methods of water management are essential for agriculture, as the increasing population calls for an increase in food production.

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