Vodafone empowers rural women with digital revolution

Vodafone Foundation s Red Rickshaw Revolution have been empowering rural women through digital revolution
Vodafone empowers rural women with digital revolution

With an impetus from Vodafone Foundation’s Red Rickshaw Revolution, 20 women leader not only educated themselves but also empowered their respected villages. They find their long foster dreams being fulfilled. The women are now being awarded by Red Rickshaw for thinking big and fighting the tides of social apprehensions.

Digital Community Information Resource Centres (DCIRCs), has made things easier for these 20 women leader in many ways. It is a full-fledged digitized set up that offers digital education, helps find solutions to local issues; learn about government policies and schemes that will help the local communities.

Currently, Red Rickshaw Revolution is in its second year. It was launched to celebrate the achievements of ordinary women. Inclined with the cause of developing communities, it is in sync with the Government of India’s National Digital Literacy Mission and Digital India Program.

This year too Vodafone Foundation has successfully replicated last year’s accomplishment by empowering rural India women by celebrating achievements of 20 inspirational women Sarpanchs or farmers from various parts of the country.

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