Vivekananda Foundation to take up issues of Rural Punjab

The Foundation has established National Freedom Party(NFP) which will contest all seats in Punjab and promises to expose Drug Syndicate as social issues will be top priority
Vivekananda Foundation to take up issues of Rural Punjab

The Vivekananda Foundation; a New Delhi- based NGO engaged in social works and has lakhs of volunteers across the country has recently formed a Political party-National Freedom Party(NFP) and is all set to bring in big and revolutionary changes in political and social landscape of Punjab. The party will take on all big ones in the coming Punjab Assembly elections and will contest all seats.

The Foundation and the Party has accorded top priority to Punjab as it is facing major social ills including drug syndicate being patronised by the ruling political party and government establishments and agencies.

Talking to reporters in Chandigarh today, Amlan Biswas, Managing Trustee, Vivekananda Foundation and Senior leader of NFP said, “After several years of social works, we decided to form a new political party to bring in real and revolutionary changes in the country. Punjab is our top priority as the state is facing many social problems just because of its current political setup and their vested interests.

“We promise to expose the drug syndicate and if voted to power, we would not only break the political-smuggler nexus but send all the culprits to jail, irrespective of their political and bureaucratic status,” he added.

In view of existing problems, Punjab needs a clean and sensitive government which deeply understands social issues,ie drugs, NRI marriages, infiltration and the Foundation- backed NFP would certainly provide a viable option, Mr Biswas said.

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti – October 1, the Party will declare its national and states’ executive committees.

Announcing its electoral strategies and future plans, Dinesh Chauhan, Chairperson of the Foundation said, “We have chalked out our political and electoral actions for the coming Assembly elections. We have decided to contest all Assembly seats in three states-Punjab, Goa and Gujarat next year and Tripura in 2018.”

The foundation is spearheading this political and social movements with the help of its youth cadre, intellectuals and support of those who seek real change in the system.

“We held all major political parties responsible for pathetic state of affairs in Punjab. There is no growth oriented development or inclusive growth, ills like unemployment, hunger & corruption are on all-time high, law and order situation. Youth are frustrated. In such a scenario, we will bring in real change,” Mr Biswas said.

“We belong to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, who was the paragon of patriotism,” he said, while requesting everyone, especially youth to unite and move ahead to realize the long cherished dream of our fore fathers to make Punjab and India shine.

The party is dedicated to build a society free from poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, casteism, communalism and regional biases.

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