Village Nurseries promotes Mycorrhizae alternate to phosphorus fertiliser

The California-based agribusiness company Village Nurseries promotes Mycorrhizae as an alternate to phosphorus fertiliser and a solution of drought resistance in the plants
Village Nurseries promotes Mycorrhizae alternate to phosphorus fertiliser

Since the California-based agribusiness, ‘Village Nurseries’ started inoculating its plant inventory with mycorrhizae, the speciality grower for landscape professionals’ customer base has reported a significant improvement in plant performance and drought resistance due to a reduced need for fertiliser and an increase in nutrient uptake.

‘Mycor’ – ‘rhiza’ means ‘fungus’ – ‘root’ and defines the mutually beneficial relationship between the plant root and fungus. These specialised fungi colonise plant roots and extend far into the soil resource. The extended long roots help plants to extract Phosphorus more efficiently from the depth of the soil which reduces dependency on fertilisers.

“Village Nurseries’ mycorrhiza products contain the most diverse and effective strains of mycorrhiza available anywhere,” said, Mike Babineau, the company’s vice president. “By utilising this robust mix of beneficial soil organisms, our plants can survive and thrive the way nature intended. We have discovered that it spreads to other plants and increases the overall health of neighbouring plants since mycorrhizae are truly extensions of root systems. As a result, they are more effective in nutrient and water absorption than the roots themselves,” he added. 

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