Vaatsalya aims 2 million people in five years

Vaatsalya Healthcare has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) to create an accessible care model for improving healthcare in India.

Vaatsalya aims 2 million people in five years

Vaatsalya Healthcare has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA). The company has made a commitment to improve the quality of life by improving access to affordable health options. For this, it will scale up their model of affordable and primary and secondary healthcare services to reach population of 2 million people in the next five years.

Vaatsalya hospitals provide healthcare services to half a million people per year in underserved areas, and its goal is to reach a million people per year in 3 years, and 2 million people per year in five years. The company operates 9 hospitals across the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and is the first and largest hospital network in India targeting smaller towns and villages.

“By introducing lower cost services and healthcare options to remote regions, Vaatsalya is working to improve the rate the development of BOP markets and strengthen delivery of services to reach a large population. Their plans to grow this model is an important way to bridge the gap in services to the poor,” said Suba Sivakumaran, Programme Manager for the Business Call to Action.

Dr Ashwin Naik, Co-Founder of Vaatsalya said, “Our mission at Vaatsalya has been to bring affordable healthcare services within reach of semi-urban and rural India. Our model is today being replicated in many parts of the country and we feel privileged to be joining an international forum like Business Call to Action, which will help us share our learnings with a much wider audience and also learn from our peers who are part of the BCtA network. As we embark on our new phase of growth, we are excited to pledge our commitment to bring our healthcare services to many more towns in the next five years.”

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