TRIFED plans to scale up the Retail Marketing

TRIFED, a PSU under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India has been working with the main objective of promoting tribal art and craft for the benefit of tribal artisans

TRIFED plans to scale up the Retail Marketing

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) plans to scale up the Retail Marketing Activities by achieving a procurement goal of Rs.20 crore and sale of Rs.40 crore in the current financial year. The procurement goal would be worth Rs 50 crore along with sale goal of Rs.100 crore for the next financial year through sustained efforts to ramp up supply and creation of demand, with a purpose of associating maximum number of tribal artisans through association and expertise of like-minded partners in the various States.

Going forward, TRIFED plans to expand its Retail Operations by opening of Franchise Outlets for sale of tribal products. Under this model, TRIFED will get the stocks delivered at the franchisee premise as per the requirement. The Franchisee shall sell the products on the MRP fixed by TRIFED in the brand name of Tribes India with their manpower and other resources. Franchisee shall be paid a commission ranging from 10-25% on net sales and sales proceeds shall be payable once in a month. All the products supplied by TRIFED will carry “Tribal Craft Mark” in form of hologram/ label/tag for its genuineness and authenticity.
It also plans to expand sale operations by empanelling young and smart sales boys/girls for undertaking house to house campaign for sale of our tribal products. These young sales boys/girls shall be known as “Young Entrepreneurs of TRIFED (YET)”, who shall undertake house to house campaign for sale of our tribal products. They shall also be provided with small samples as per their requirement for showing to the customers and in lieu of sales made through them TRIFED shall pay a commission of 10% on net sales to them.

The various e-commerce platforms offers a huge potential for promotion and sale of tribal products. TRIFED is already selling tribal products through and However, TRIFED is also expanding its operations through other e-commerce portals.

TRIFED plans to consolidate and upgrade the Tribes India Own Outlets by improving interiors and exteriors for making more presentable /attractive for visiting customers. The outlets to be fully stocked and staff posted in the Outlets made active and involved in shop operations. Products would made available at door steps through mobile vans and it would also be offering festival discounts.

In order to promote tribal products and Tribes India as a brand and also to create a captive customer base, TRIFED is issuing “Friends of Tribes” Loyalty Card, offering discount of 20% on most of the products being sold through Tribes India Outlets located across country. The Card holders shall be also eligible for an additional 10% discount, in case festival/other discount scheme is already existing at the Outlets at that time but not exceeding 40%.
For ensuring the authenticity of tribal source, all the products marketed by TRIFED will carry “Tribal Craft Mark” in form of hologram/ label/tag for its genuineness and authenticity.
Procurement goals to be achieved through various ways. TRIFED will concentrate in Procurement Operations. Each Regional Office of TRIFED has been assigned a goal for identification and empanelment of additional 100 potential tribal suppliers in each state having tribal population for supply good quality and quality tribal products.

Enhancing supplier base by leveraging the pool of tribal SHGs associated with Ministry of Rural Development (State Level Aajivika Mission/NRLM), Regional Offices of DC (Handicraft & Handloom), State Forest Departments, State Handicraft/Tribal Department, reputed NGOs etc., by utilising the tribal SHGs formed by them and bringing them in ambit of procurement operations of TRIFED for supply of good quality tribal products.

Other measures to boost Procurement are: 
●        Identifying Experts and Master Craftsperson, who can handhold TRIFED in identifying tribal artisans and their products for attaining captive supplier base.
●       Involving tribal artisans imparted handicraft training by TRIFED and other agencies for supplying tribal products to TRIFED.
●       The tribal artisans imparted training in selected MFP items to be roped in by converting them into tribal SHGs for supply to value-added products like Honey, tamarind, hill broom, etc. to our Retail Outlets.
●       Developing linkage between NSTFDC, Banks and other Financial Institutions, who can provide concessional loans to the tribal artisans to support them in making the products for supplying to TRIFED.
●       The Regional Offices to have regular meetings/workshops with Tribal Welfare/Rural Development Departments/Agencies, reputed NGOs, experts who works in the tribal areas and take their feedback for improving the procurement operations.

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