TRIFED organises trible crafts fair Aadishilp

To give tribal artisans a national identification, TRIFED is organising national tribal crafts mela ‘Aadishilp’ in New Delhi.
TRIFED organises trible crafts fair Aadishilp

In order to give tribal artisans a national identification, Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) is organising national tribal crafts mela ‘Aadishilp’ in New Delhi.

Inaugurating the fair, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram said, that this kind of exhibitions provide our tribal artisans an important platform to showcase their talents through their products to rest of India. He said that TRIFED through its 44 sales counter all over the country is providing much needed marketing system for tribal products. Oram said, “Ministry of Tribal Affairs will provide more and more such platforms for tribal artisans so that they can sell their products directly to the consumer without middlemen”. The minister urged media, NGOs and particularly urban youth to come forward to popularise the tribal products and bring the tribals into the mainstream of the society.

The fari will continue till November 11, 2015 at Delhi Haat. Unique and exquisite tribal artefacts of more than 90 tribal artisans from all over the country are being exhibited in this exhibition. Hand crafted items, handloom products, dry flowers, cane and bamboo products, tribal jewellery, Dhokra craft, tribal weaves, embroidery, tribal paintings and lot more is being exhibited at the venue.

The main objective of organising Aadishilp is to give tribal artisans an opportunity to showcase and sell their traditional art and craft works directly to the customers and get their feedback which would help them in having valuable design related and other inputs. Aadishilp provides them a platform for direct interface with art and craft lovers, share their talent with the urban elite and know the customers taste and preferences for adapting their product designs and creations accordingly.  

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