Tremendous challenges to deliver technologies to farmers Minister

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has said that there are tremendous challenges we are facing in delivering advanced technologies to the farmers.
Tremendous challenges to deliver technologies to farmers Minister

Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Radha Mohan Singh has said that if we desire to change the destiny of India we will have to change the rural scenario. The greatest problem we are facing in the present perspective is how we should provide advanced technology and recent inventions to the farmers.

He was speaking today in Indian Soil Science Institute’s 81st Annual Conference at the Rajmata Vijayraje Scindia Agriculture University, Gwalior. The soil scientists from the nook and corner of India are participating in the conference which will be on for three days. The central theme of the conference is ‘Sustainability of Production in Pulses and More Crops with Low Resources’.

The Minister said that the fundamental natural resources in Indian agriculture sector like availability of big holdings as well as water is going to be reduced. Singh further added that the unexpected change in climate triggered low yield in the crops leading to economical loss to the farmers.

He said that we need to reduce the cost of agriculture and balance the use of fertilizers and water. Timely sowing process, solution of pest related disorders and required techniques are to be used. This is the best scientific modus operandi for sustainable agriculture. The prominence of rain fed farming, increasing population, unabated use of land, deterioration in natural resources resulting in ecological imbalance is leading to the decreasing agricultural production. He said that we will have to find out cost effective innovative environment friendly situation for durable farming. 

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