Traditional craft to be promoted and support rural industries Gujarat

‘One Village, One Product’ concept to preserve and revive the crafts industries in Gujarat
Traditional craft to be promoted and support rural industries Gujarat

The traditional art and craft have always been special for the region development. The rural Indians always adore a special crafts that helps them to earn for their livelihood and certainly they are identified for that.

Several states in India are trying to preserve their ancestral work and trying to give them a platform for better sustainability and their exsistance.Likewise, Gujarat government has identified six traditional crafts of the state, dwindling fast for various reasons, as ‘languishing crafts’ and announced ‘One Village, One Product’ concept to preserve and revive them. These and many such initiatives have been included in the state government’s Cottage & Rural Industries Policy-2016, which was announced on Monday.

Official spokesperson and Cabinet minister Saurabh Patel announced the policy, while giving details of the initiatives taken by the government to promote and support the cottage and rural industries of Gujarat.

The six languishing crafts identified by the government are sujni weaving craft of Bharuch, pithora painting of Chorwad and Chhota Udepur, rogan art an wooden lacquer work of Nakhatrana, mashroo fabric of Patan and Mandvi and namda craft of Mundra.

Patel said that under the first such policy, languishing crafts will be identified and added to the list, and the government will provide support in facilitating availability of raw material, training in design development, product diversification and bringing market to the artisans.

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