The Devotees Carnival A Mela for Goddess Kamakhaya

Ambubachi Mela of Assam is one-of-its-kind showcasing ancient rituals of culture and believes.
The Devotees Carnival A Mela for Goddess Kamakhaya

Assam is famous for its cultural heritage and diverse festivals. One of the festivals which Assam offers is Ambubachi Mela, which is also known as Ambubasi festival. The-four-day-long Mela is conducted in Kamakhaya temple, in Guwahati, Assam. It always takes place in the monsoon season, during the month of June. This year it will be held from 22nd to 26th June 2015 and expects the footfall of around 3,50,000.

It is one of the festivals where Tantric Sadhus come from every part of India. It is believed that during this time goddess Kamakhaya (incarnation of goddess Kaali) goes through her menstrual cycle. The temple is shut for three days and on the fourth day the doors of the temples are reopened. A large number of devotees rush on the final day of festival for darshan and are offered prasad which is distributed in two forms – angodak and angabastra. Angodak literally means the fluid part of the body – water from the spring. Angabastra means a piece of red cloth used to cover the stone yoni during the days of menstruation. On this special day, idol of goddess Kamakhaya is adorned with Green Ornaments.

The temple is famous for stone carvings and sculptures of different incarnations of Goddess Kali. During this festival, people come from different countries so that they can witness unique rituals and the exercises formed by Tantrik Babas and Sadhus. The place is flooded by sanyasis (especially female sanyasis) whom you can find taking hemp.

Apart from Tantrik Sadhus and their mystical rituals, the fair is also famous for the local handicrafts. The Mela also offers a magnificent view witnessing lakhs of people taking dip in the water in ‘Saubhagya kund’ (a good luck pond) for prosperity in their lives.

Ambubachi Mela is one of the best amalgamation of culture and nature’s beauty which gives devotees the chance to witness the uniqueness of the temple and the festival.This is a clear attraction for those who wish to visit the Mela and is also reasons to visit over and above the regular cultural & products offered.

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