TAFE’s ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative wins several awards

TAFE's 'Be a #FarmDost' campaign wins several awards for highlighting the importance of farmers and the farming profession

TAFE’s ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative wins several awards

The Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited’s (TAFE) – ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative has been at the forefront of highlighting the importance of farmers and, helping the urban society appreciate the hard work of farmers through various digital media communications and through on-ground activities which has brought farmers and the urban population together. These efforts were validated with the ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative winning awards at the IAA Olive Crown Awards, PRCI’s Corporate Collaterals Award 2018, the Rural Marketing Forum & Awards and, the Making of Developed India Awards.

At the IAA Olive Crown Awards 2018 hosted by International Advertising Association (IAA) India Chapter in Mumbai, TAFE was awarded the Silver Olive Crown in the Events category for its Be a #FarmDost initiative’s, ‘National Farmers’ Day’ event held in Bengaluru. The event held in December 2017 was recognised for ‘Creative Excellence in Communicating Sustainability’. The ‘National Farmers’ Day’ event brought together the urban residents of Bengaluru, and farmers from nearby regions, together on a farm to live the farm life and celebrate Farmers’ Day with the farmers.

The event got urban residents to become farmers for a day, engage with them, and realise the effort and hard work put in by the farmers to cultivate the food that sustains and nourishes the world. The participants got the experience of cultivating in a farm (teak, pomegranate or sandalwood sapling); tending to a farm by harvesting red chilies and radish, and de-weeding the farm; making organic fertiliser; taking a tractor ride; and creating a mock farm in teams with the farmers, during the ‘Build-a-Farm’ challenge. The event channelled all the participants’ inner farmer by the activities, which they enjoyed – discovering the joys of farming.

PRCI’s Corporate Collaterals Award 2018 was held during the 12th Global PR Conclave 2018 in Pune. The Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) – 12th Global Communication Conclave hosted over two days, is a platform for communications and PR professionals from all over the country. The TAFE group was among the top winners, winning 15 awards. The awards won by TAFE across categories included; five gold, three silver, four bronze awards and, two appreciations. The awards were won across categories like Corporate Advertising Campaign, Digital Newsletter, Brochure (CSR), Radio/jingle, Radio programme among others. TAFE was also bestowed the Chanakya Award in the category ‘Communication Idea of the Year’ for the ‘TAFE – Be a #FarmDost’ initiative.

The ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative by TAFE was also recognised as the ‘Social Development Campaign of the Year’ by the Rural Marketing Forum & Awards. The award recognises development and integrated marketing concepts which look at bringing about social change. Social marketing aims to influence behaviours that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good. The aim of the award is to recognise organisations that are sensitive and implement segmented social change programmes that are effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable.

At the Making of Developed India Awards 2018, ‘Be a #FarmDost’ initiative was awarded in the ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year (Agriculture)’category. The award recognises the efforts of an organisation/team to increase awareness for a particular product or service, or to increase consumer awareness of a business or organisation. The award is measured on the planning, executing, tracking and, analysis of these campaigns.

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