Sustainability is an evolving journey for Cairn India 39

On World Environment Day, Cairn India reinforces commitment to sustainability that is an integrated concept embracing economic, social and environmental sustainability
Sustainability is an evolving journey for Cairn India 39

Sustainability is an evolving journey for Cairn India and each year it learns more about what it means to be a truly sustainable organisation, Sudhir Mathur, Acting CEO of Cairn India Ltd said.

Talking to Rural & Marketing, he said, “ We make all efforts to bring in measures that will allow us to meet our sustainable development aspirations, more holistically and in larger measure.”

Cairn India has major oil producing establishments and units in Rajasthan, one of the driest states in India. As a result, people are forced to walk long distances to procure water, which is of a highly questionable quality and generally does not meet WHO defined norms.

To address the acute water shortage and provide access to clean and safe drinking water, Cairn has initiated a key sustainable intervention to support the Government of Rajasthan (GoR) in its effort to provide safe drinking water to households in the state. In this initiative, Cairn India is positioned to touch the lives of a million-plus people – no mean feat for a state as sparsely populated as Rajasthan. 

“Cairn has always been a sustainability-driven organisation both in intent and at heart,”said Mathur.

The company initiated the Jeevan Amrit pilot project to ensure clean and safe drinking water through the establishment of Water ATW kiosks in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. Cairn currently operates 44 ATW (Any-time Water) kiosks in Rajasthan and Gujarat, which have a best-in-class utilization and is establishing 75 more. ATW kiosks have been established at a number of access points and the communities are provided with pre-paid smart cards with which they can access water at their convenience, in a manner similar to the access provided by bank ATM machines.

India is blessed with a variety of renewable energy sources. The intervention of renewable energy technology in CSR will lead to positive impact on society, the environment and our climate. “Cairn India is making a positive intervention in the society by adding renewable energy projects to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, which is empowering communities and changing lives,” the CEO said. .

The solar micro-grid installed at the village of Meghwallon Ki Dhani is one such project. It has brought electricity to this small village of ~500 people for the first time since India’s independence. Few things have the power to change the economic potential of a community than electricity.

In synergy with the Rajasthan Government’s Renewal Energy Mission Light for Everyone, Cairn India provided solar panels for over 500 households across 25 villages in and around Cairn’s operational areas in Barmer. Ghar ki Roshni – a green energy initiative of Cairn India is based on a Solar Home System (SHS) model; under which, households can generate power to meet their everyday needs. SHSs are bringing energy access to those rural areas that still lack access to the national grid. The project also involves community participation to ensure ownership and sustainability.

Further, Cairn India employees have taken the Go Green pledge, where they contribute in various forms, doing their bit for the environment and also encourage other colleagues to avoid getting their cars and bikes to work, if possible.

Cairn Centre of Excellence (CCoE) – a skills development and vocational training center in Jodhpur, has been accorded the Gold rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  

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