Sony to tap rural TV market

Now we have 24-inch also 22-inch and 24-inch TV could really cultivate the upcountry market Kenichiro Hibi
Sony to tap rural TV market

Electronics major Sony aims to tap non metro/rural markets with its small screen TV panels along with strengthening its sales network in these areas.

The company, which has launched affordable range of panels of 22-inch size last year in order to tap tier II, III & IV markets, has expanded its sales network to over 10,000 distributors to cash in on the opportunities.

"Now, we have 24-inch also. 22-inch and 24-inch TV could really cultivate the upcountry market… Those are the big markets," Sony India Managing Director Kenichiro HibiI.

Elaborating on the potential of smaller towns and villages in the country, Hibi said, "If we look at the country side, customers are going for their first LCD TV but due to budget issues, can not afford big screens. So, they are going for smaller entry range of 22-inch TVs."

Presently, Sony has two TV models each in 22 and 24-inch categories with the price going up to Rs 17,900.

"Sony has a big room to grow in the market (handset) as our market share is only 10 per cent in this segment as compared to 30 per cent of TV. There is big room for improvement.First, we are strengthening our portfolio, suitable to the Indian customers and strengthening its distribution," he said.

Around 75 percent of the company’s revenue came from Bravia range of TVs and Xperia range of mobile handsets.

Moreover, Sony is also expecting that the market share of Alpha series of professional cameras would increase further.

It holds around 10 per cent market here presently. When asked about the company’s plans for the car audio segment, Hibi said that it is in talks with several auto firms.

"We are in talks with several car producing companies but there are lots of quality sync issues. It is not happening yet but we are talking with majority of the big brands," he added.

In addition to that, Sony is also trying to expand into two more categories – headphones and bluetooth speakers and mobile related accessories.

"Countries like USA, Europe, Japan have a big market for them and India has still very small market. I do not say that it has no potential but it is not cultivated yet and it is growing," Hibi said, adding that Sony is trying to create and develop the market.

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