SMS solutions to cater help in rural parts WeFarm

The company has created a platform to ask and answer questions from local users through SMS
SMS solutions to cater help in rural parts WeFarm

Farming has been the most acquired profession world-wide.Yet the profession is left neglected from the new technologies and methods that can add development in the industry. And one of the major aspects has always been the internet.

Though schemes has been implemented in far east remote villages in India to have access of internet and get the facilities that technology derive the modern farming methods, yet most part of the rural India have no access to the Internet. Not because these people do not deserve to be connected to the rest of the world, but simply because most rural areas have little to no Internet infrastructure at affordable prices.

This is especially true in areas of rural parts, where the farmer population remains quite large. Accessing the Internet is possible for most of these people, assuming they fancy a several hour round trip to and from the nearest village. For most people, this is simply not worth the effort, despite the wealth of [agricultural] information they are missing out on.

WeFarm has come up with a convenient solution, as the company has created a platform to ask and answer questions from local users through SMS. Some people would go as far as calling it a true mobile social network that can be accessed without an Internet connection. Similar to how Quora operates, WeFarm users can ask any and all questions by sending a text message to a local shortcode number.

Filtering the message and forwarding it to the people who are most likely to have an answer, is the bread and butter of WeFarm. Every SMS is scanned for specific keywords and then distributed to users who might be able to help. Those users who answer questions on a regular basis will automatically build up a profile, and the WeFarm algorithm will keep tabs on which areas they are most active in.

What makes this service even more interesting, is how all text messages to WeFarm are sent completely free of charge. Furthermore, the platform is operating in Kenya, Uganda, and Peru right now, and supports four different languages. Plus, nearly all of the translation work is volunteer-based, as university students take the opportunity to practice their skills.

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