Smart Terminals Leveraging automation technology

With 40 SMART terminals, IndianOil is leveraging technology to maximize accuracy at its supply points by minimizing human intervention
Smart Terminals Leveraging automation technology

With its aim to provide world-class facilities and complaint-free service to its customers, IndianOil is leveraging technology to maximize accuracy at its supply points by minimizing human intervention. With the commissioning of its first SMART terminal in October 2015, IndianOil has already commissioned 40 SMART terminals,the highest number by any single company in the country and will be converting all the balance storage terminals to SMART terminals by the end of FY 2018.

As on date, IndianOil’s 130 IndianOil storage terminals located around the country form the backbone of its Petroleum-Oil-Lubricant (POL) supply & distribution(S&D).

A SMART terminal is one where Tank-Truck (TT) filling operation is fully automated from its entry to exit from the terminal. A centralised automated system takes care of all the core operations, thus enabling manpower to focus only on the critical maintenance and safety-related support and engaging qualitatively with customers. IndianOil has successfully leveraged automation and technology to achieve unmanned tank lorry filling (TLF) operations round the clock.

For the Indian oil & gas industry the execution of the SMART terminal concept is revolutionary and has improved transparency, efficiency and safety at storage terminals. The SMARTt terminal personifies the pioneering spirit of IndianOil to tap into in-house resources to accomplish industry-first credentials. The entire software was developed in-house in its SAP’s S&D module with an objective to make these operations more efficient at reduced costs along-with intelligent data reporting. This development has ensured that data analytic aligns with business objectives.

With the adoption of latest technology, IndianOil aims to make all its POL storage locations operate automatically, providing comfort and convenience to all its channel partners.

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