‘Smart Farm’ making the farmers smart with innovations

The 3-day Agritech Meet in Udaipur showcased new modern farm implements, machinery, techniques and solutions at the ‘Smart Farm’ which was a major attraction among farmers 

‘Smart Farm’ making the farmers smart with innovations

Manna Ram Meena, 62, a farmer from Bagdunda village of Gogunda Tehsil in Udaipur district forgot all troubles he faced for his two visits to the ‘Smart Farm’ at Global Rajasthan Agritech (GRAM) exhibition as he was suitably compensated by seeing new modern farm implements, machinery, techniques and solutions being showcased there. Manna, who is a small farmer and owns five bigha of land, said that got know a whole lot of things here and he felt that now he would become a smart farmer by applying new solutions and techniques at his farms.

What impressed him the most? Meena said, “I am very much impressed with poly houses or green house technology being displayed here and I am told that the government provides subsidy for this. I would certainly try this to raise my income from this technique.” 

At the center of the Smart Farm was a huge live model of a farm showcasing advanced techniques of animal husbandry, horticulture, floriculture, organic farming, rain water harvesting, pest prevention among others. Also on show are bio gas plant, solar energy device, hybrid maize seed production, poly house and shade net. Jain Irrigation showcased its new techniques and innovation for poly houses and green houses.

The 3-day GRAM in Udaipur concluded today. The mega event showcased several new modern farm implements, machinery and techniques at the ‘Smart Farm’ which was a major attraction among visitors. Spread over an area of 1650 sq meters with 18 different stalls, the Smart Farm was based on the theme ‘Doubling Farmers’ Income’. 

The theme of ‘Doubling Farmers’ Income’ is being displayed through numerous strategies as advocated by the Government of Rajasthan. These strategies include: Per Drop More Crop (through drip irrigation, water conservation and MJSA); Soil Health (through soil testing labs, soil health cards and organic farming); Post-Harvest Loss and Value Addition (through display of processing technology and products from various crops); National Farm Market through e-NAM (Electronic-National Agriculture Market) and allied agriculture activities (through dairy, bee-keeping, fisheries, mushroom cultivation and animal husbandry).

Another crowd puller at the ‘Smart Farm’ was the milking machine indigenously produced by the National Dairy Development Board. Powered by solar or bio-gas energy, the machine is made keeping in mind the process by which a calf suckles a cow’s milk and is extremely gentle on the cow. The milk procured using this machine is free of any contamination. It also prevents occupational hazards such as joint pains or back pain among women who spend long hours milking the cows. Using this machine also gives them additional time to engage in other sources of livelihood.

Similarly, another machine displayed at the Smart Farm is the ‘Milko Screen’ which differentiates between pure milk and impure milk. By also ensuring fair payment to the farmers, it is beneficial for both the consumers and farmers. Other components like nursery and fruit orchards, mushroom cultivation, fisheries, bee keeping, Sadabahar Aam were also quite popular among the farmers at the Smart Farm.

About objectives of GRAM Udaipur, Neel Kamal Darbari Principal Secretary, Government of Rajasthan said, “One of the core objectives was to empower the farmers with latest technical know-how and best practices while providing them with new business opportunities and avenues for growth and agriculture and allied ecosystems.” 
The event, which was organised by Government of Rajasthan and FICCI,  brought together all stakeholders- farmers from in and around Udaipur, agribusiness companies, academicians, progressive farmers and farmer groups, financial institutions, animal husbandry experts and policy makers.

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