SLCM’s agri warehousing call centre goes digital

The call centre builds upon SLCM’s Centralized Real Time Process Management System “AGRI REACH” and integrates it with Artificial Intelligence for real time monitoring, thus enhancing the level of service

SLCM’s agri warehousing call centre goes digital

Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), India’s leading agri services solutions provider with operations across India & Myanmar, has made its agri warehousing call centre paperless. SLCM had set up its first dedicated 24X7 call centre in the early 2010 to cater to its agri-warehousing operations in both the countries.

The call centre has now been digitally transformed into a paperless entity integrating Artificial Intelligence, to make it more efficient and seamless. The call centre is a part of SLCM’s endeavour to provide real time technologies for managing the agriculture operations, in line with its multiple awards winning Agri Reach technology. It will have a dedicated team of customer support executives who will provide support to the field staff.

Talking about the initiative, Sandeep Sabharwal, Group CEO, SLCM said, “In a marketplace model, intelligent call centres have an extremely important role to play as they create a physical touch-point. The idea behind augmenting this dedicated 24×7 call centre is to create an interface that warehouse managers may be more comfortable in using. The call centre builds upon our Centralized Real Time Process Management System “AGRI REACH” and integrates it with Artificial Intelligence for real time monitoring, thus enhancing the level of service.”

“So far, the interactions with these warehouse managers have been through online portal and emails. Now, through this call centre they will have a dedicated customer care person to talk to, to discuss issues related to inventory, and other logistical issues. As all of our warehouses are now online, we wanted to set up a virtual customer service network which complements our digitisation efforts and this call centre is a step in that direction,” Sabharwal added.
The call centre will have all warehouse contact details predefined for auto dialling besides all incoming or outgoing call divided into three types, morning, afternoon and evening. All the calls will also get automatically recorded across the platforms. These calls will later be verified for quality and training needs of back office and field staffs.
To make things convenient for the call centre representative, the call centre will come with landing page, for incoming and outgoing calls, which will be prefilled with balance stock and basic details. For unhindered service, the call centre will have manual entry option in case phone lines are not working.

SLCM is the only company in this domain which has a Centralized Real Time Process Management System. It uses techniques like geo-fencing to real time tracking, bar-coded storage receipts to avoid thefts or pilferage, internal audits along with a “Maker and Checker” policy at each level.
In an archaic industry like agriculture, SLCM has once again showcased its ability for innovation.  Through this call centre, SLCM strives to enhance service standards and constantly raise the bar on scientific storage by eliminating the paper work and providing the evidence of the calling details. It will also help in reducing the timelines which will lead to an overall improvement in the efficiency of the system.

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