Single authority needed for food sector related issues

Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan says industries should maintain quality control in food products
Single authority needed for food sector related issues

There is a need to constitute a single co-ordinated body to look into many overlapping issues and expedite issuance of clearances from various ministries and government departments in the food sector, union minister for food and consumer affairs, Ram Vilas Paswan said at an Assocham event in New Delhi.

“We will write to each and every department and also to the Prime Minister that we need to seriously look into such issues being raised by the industry,” said Paswan while inaugurating ‘FMCG Summit-Issues & opportunities,’ organised by Assocham.

He also said that there should be a time-bound redressal to the industries’ grievances. Besides, he also advocated the use of modern technologies and innovations in the food sector as per the changing times.Highlighting the need to promote honest ways of doing business, Paswan said, “Industries should maintain quality control in food products.”

“At the time of Maggie row, I was myself very concerned as we want to develop the industry but at the same time we do not want anything to go against the consumers,” said the Minister.

“It is all about credibility and public perception which if gets dented even once then it becomes difficult to control it,” he added.

He also said that Union Cabinet has given its approval for amendments in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 as there is a world of difference between today’s consumer and the consumer that was 29 years ago.

On the issue of sugar export, the minister said, “We want to export sugar to the countries where there is a requirement and the industry should take initiative in this regard, we also want to promote barter system otherwise the 40 per cent import duty we’ve fixed will be of no use.”

He also said that the government has not taken any decision so far about making 40 lakh tonnes of raw sugar export mandatory.

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