ShivTat Agro to scale up wood free eco-friendly pencils

Pencils made out of recycled paper are Crowdfunding to increase awareness about the eco-friendly products 
ShivTat Agro to scale up wood free eco-friendly pencils

ShivTat Agro, a social enterprise, based in Bangalore is raising funds on a crowdfunding platform FuelADream.com for Auxo eco-friendly pencils which are 100 percent wood or polymer free. Why cut down trees to make them when they can be made from recycled paper. The eco-friendly pencils are made completely out of used paper of all kinds such as newsprint, printer paper, stationery, etc, available in beautiful prints and can also be customised according to the requirements of the customer.

Used paper is collected and cleaned. It is then organised and cut into the size required. An adhesive is added to make sure that it sticks tightly to the graphite. It is then wrapped around the graphite core to form a pencil. The producers are seeking funding for encouraging recycling among children at an early age and help in promoting a clean green environment for India’s future generations.

Pranavakumar KS, CEO Shiv Tat Agro LLP says, “Four lakh trees are cut to make the 1 billion pencils Indians use every year. Cutting trees results in deforestation and global warming, and impacts the ecology system. While it is imperative to plant a lot of trees, it is also essential to save existing ones. Thus the concept of making pencils with recycled paper came to us. The initiative will make children aware of the need to save environment from a young age. Using an eco-friendly pencil will inspire them to opt for green products in future. They will be familiar with the concept of recycling and reuse.”

“Our campaign at Fueladream helps kill two birds with one stone – increase awareness about the eco-friendly product as well as help scale up,” he explains.

Saving the environment is not the only good deed you are doing by buying these pencils. The main motive is to help in the education of underprivileged children by directing a part of the purchase to the kids studying at the Annapoorna Charitable Trust, Bangalore, that looks after the growing needs of the socially deprived children in the society with the primary vision of bringing solace and providing education to deprived/Orphan children at their own school. For every 8 packets of pencils purchased, one pack goes to an underprivileged child.

FuelADream.com is a crowd funding marketplace for people and organizations that aim to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities etc. Founded in Mid-2015 and based in Bangalore, the start-up aims to impact 2.2 billion people in India, Africa & S.E Asia. Fuel A Dream has raised $ 250,000 in an initial round of funding over the last 8 months from a clutch of individual investors from the corporate world.

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