SHGs To Have Say In Rural Projects

Women in rural India will have say in deciding road projects.
SHGs To Have Say In Rural Projects

It is a modification in the guidelines of Government’s Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) scheme. The new rule makes it mandatory for all rural road projects to take into account the opinions of women members of the panchayats and women self help groups.According to the exiting rule, before a rural road is sanctioned, the government has to take into confidence the head of the local panchayat.

"As party of the PMGSY process, all states may include a simple non-formal transect walk to be organised by the assistant engineer at the time of the preparation of the detailed project report (DPR). The panchayat pradhan, local patwari, the junior engineer, women self help groups and women PRI members would participate," states the new guidelines. 
The objective of the exercise is to influence and effect a change in the government policies, programmes in a way that could tackle gender imbalances, promote gender equality and development.


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