Scenario of rural education and its unforeseen factor

State government and the local community cant provide enough resources to make a properly sustainable educational model.
Scenario of rural education and its unforeseen factor

Rural education have been given importance for rural development.Many schemes and projects have been launched by the government and non government institutes to increase the rates of literacy in rural sections.

Apart from this keep mind the quality, infrastructure avability and regularity of teachers to guide and help them to improper the knowledge in subjects. Similarly keeping this in mind, Parijat Academy, located just outside Guwahati in Assam, gives may students a second chance to schooling. Their educations have either been disrupted by poverty, farm work during the agricultural seasons, or some other unforeseen factor.

The director of the school, Teron, described his philosophy to me last week saying, "I want this to be a place where these students can have fun learning every day, a place that truly makes them want to come to school."

Unfortunately, a dearth of resources and a reliance on volunteers’ labour put Parijat Academy in a less than ideal position.

On my most recent visit, I found that most classrooms weren’t being led by teachers, because there simply weren’t enough teachers to take each and every classes. This means that more often than not, while the students are at the school, they’re simply sitting silently rather than being taught.

This exemplifies the vicious cycle that schools for the underprivileged face worldwide. A space has been developed to help students who need help the most, but the state government and the local community can’t provide enough resources to make a properly sustainable educational model for these underprivileged students. So they end up receiving even less help than other government school students.

Surely, in Guwahati and other cities there are retired teachers who would be fit to devote some time to these students. The only way these students can have a real chance to achieve success is if they receive some more help from more fortunate citizens around them.

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