Rural development using solar drying technology for farms

In the case of Solar Drying of Tomato, the product can be used in any food preparation as a substitute for fresh tomatoes.  
Rural development using solar drying technology for farms

CSIR-CFTRI is increasingly focussing on rural development programmes through science and technology applications to improve the lives of farmers and their families.

In this regard, it is focussing on development of value-added products using tomato and green chillies grown on farmlands and has demonstrated the preparation across the country. Further, the institute is also engaged in training farmers on use of rapid food adulteration detection kits to check food safety. These are being demonstrated to rural population. The preparation of nutrition-packed Paushtik Atta, sambhar masala, and tomato and green chilly sauce has also been displayed. 

Further, Processing and Training Centre for value addition to locally available agri horticulture materials was established in Narsapur (Medak district). A total of 140 women were trained. A process was worked out for dehulling of niger seeds which could change the colour and be used for commercial purposes.

At the tomato products demonstration at Chamarajanagar, a technology to efficiently convert the tomatoes into value-added products like tomato powder, ketchup, chutney and pickle was demonstrated in association with the department of horticulture and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) at Kolar, Sidlaghata (Chikkaballapur) and Chanapatna where around 185 farmers were trained. Also a compendium on agribusiness was brought out for wider dissemination of rural technologies.

For the preparation of green chilli sauce, fresh green chillies and potatoes are blanched and passed through the colloidal mill along with onion, garlic and ginger. The whole mass is cooked in steam jacketed kettles along with the required quantity of spices. Required amounts of acetic acid and sodium benzoate are dissolved in warm water and then mixed thoroughly. This is added and can be used for many recipes due to its pungent,sweetish and sourish taste. 

Development and demonstrations of these products from farm produce enables farmers to have additional source of income and will allow them to subsist during poor and erratic monsoon or drought-prone conditions, according to CSIR-CFTRI.

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