Ramnath Goenka Awards for Sahitya and Society

Prashant Goenka, Bangalore based entrepreneur and a cousin grandson of Ramnath Goenka (RNG), demands the government that the legendary media personality should be conferred Bharat Ratna posthumously
Ramnath Goenka Awards for Sahitya and Society

Literary institution ‘Sahitya Sangam’ in association with the ‘Parivartan’ will host Awards Ceremony for the Ram Nath Goenka (RNG) Awards in Bangalore on June 12, 2016.

The ‘Parivartan’ will confer the awards on the personalities who notably worked in the field of literature, social service and community upliftment. The awards will be presented in the three categories e.g. the Ram Nath Goenka Sahitya Ratna Award, the Ram Nath Goenka Samaj Ratna Award and the Ram Nath Goenka Sewa Gaurav award. The Ram Nath Goenka Sahityaratna award consists of Rs 21,000 in cash, a Robe of Honour, a Certificate of Excellence. The Ram Nath Goenka Samaj Ratna award and the Ram Nath Goenka Sewa Gaurav Award consist of memento and a certificate of excellence.

Talking to Reporters in New Delhi, Prashant Goenka, Prashant Goenka, chairman and managing director of Deekshansh publication which owns ‘ Parivartan’ said, “ Ramnath Goenka awards have been created for the promotion and preservation of the literary, social and community development works and to honour to leaders in the fields.”

Objective behind the creation of the awards is to inspire people to come forward to the service of nation through literature, social and community service, he added.

Demand for Bharat Ratna to Ram Nath Goenka

Senior journalist Alok Mehta doing a documented series for Rajya Sabha TV in which veterans in media field namely Kuldeep Nayar, S Nihal Singh, Saeed Naqvi etc figured and gave their perspective on the role of media on the dark days of democracy and the possible outcomes of that phase for our beloved country. And, despite dissent of many hues and their off and on relationships with RNG, all of these legendary journalists underlined the contribution and role of Ramnath Goenka as crucial as it could be in saving the democracy.

Prashant Goenka, a cousin grandson of RNG, demands from government of India that RNG should be conferred Bharat Ratna posthumously, which he rightly deserved. His contribution in safeguarding freedom of speech/media is legendary. And flourishing of real democracy is possible only when free speech is safe. Anyone of us and everyone who remembers dark times of emergency would vouch for it.
Nandkishore Tiwari, Editor-in-Chief of Goenka Group’s publication arm and Sunil kumar Jain president of Sahitya Sangam also voiced their concern for saving credibility of media democracy and free speech. And, honouring right kind of people like RNG is a big boosting activity in this regard, they said

Ramnath Goenka, (born April 3, 1904, Darbhanga district,Bihar, India— died Oct. 5, 1991, Bombay has done has done a great service to Bharat Mata and his contribution in journalism made him a legend, Prashant emphasised.

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