Ram Nath Kovind takes oath of President of India

Ram Nath Kovind today took the oath of 14th President of India. After taking oath he stressed on social freedom, unity in diversity and building India as the global leader of 21st century

Ram Nath Kovind takes oath of President of India

Ram Nath Kovind today took oath to become 14th President of India in the Central Hall of the Parliament. The oath was administered by the Chief Justice of India, Jagdish Singh Khehar.

Addressing the nation just after swearing-in, the new President said, “I bow to the 125 crore citizens of this great nation and promise to stay true to the trust they have bestowed on me. I am conscious I am following in the footsteps of stalwarts such as Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and my immediate predecessor, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, whom we address out of affection as ‘Pranab Da.”

”We would be completing 70 years of our Independence soon. We are also well into the second decade of the 21st century, a century that so many of us intuitively believe will be an Indian century, guided and shaped by India and its accomplishments. We need to build an India that is an economic leader as well as a moral exemplar. For us, those two touchstones can never be separate. They are and must forever be linked,” Kovind added.

Stressing the India’s diversity, Kovind said, “The key to India’s success is its diversity. Our diversity is the core that makes us so unique. In this land we find a mix of states and regions, religions, languages, cultures, lifestyles and much more. We are so different and yet so similar and united.”

On the importance of digitisation, he said, “As the gram panchayat must determine our consultative and community based problem solving, the Digital Republic must help us leapfrog developmental milestones. These are the twin pillars of our national endeavour.”

”Each citizen of India is a nation builder. Each one of us is a custodian of India’s well-being and of the legacy that we will pass on to coming generations,” Kovind added.

”Down the ages, India has believed in the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is My Family). It is appropriate that the land of Lord Buddha should lead the world in its search for peace, tranquility and ecological balance,” the President said.

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