Rabi crops sowing may face heat of deficient monsoon

According to the initial reports the sowing of major Rabi crops has declined as compared to the last year this time
Rabi crops sowing may face heat of deficient monsoon

As the winter season is on the doorstep, the sowing of Rabi crops has begin in some parts of the country. As per the initial reports, 58.34 lakh hectares of land have been sown by October 30, 2015 as compared to last year at this time.

Wheat has been sown in the 1.20 lakh hectares as compared to 2.06 lakh hectares of last year at this time, pulses are sown in 20.65 lakh hectare as compared to 21.31 lakh hectare, coarse cereals in 27.04 lakh hectares as compared 14.29 lakh hectare, oilseeds in 9.43 lakh hectares as compared to 20.83 lakh hectare and rice in 0.02 lakh hectares.

The deficient monsoon’s impact is shown in the decline of sowing in Rabi season in all major crops even the soaring prices of pulses could not encourage the farmers to sow that protein food. The India Meteorological Department has figured 302 districts as drought-hit this year. These districts may prove to be vulnerable in Rabi crops as well after a distress Kharif season.

Hence, it would the critical for the governments in the Centre as well as states how they tackle the situation in the coming weeks. 

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