PM planning on new agriculture policy

The PM has instructed the officials to focus on increasing productivity in farming on a large scale
PM planning on new agriculture policy

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is planning to come up with a new National Agriculture Policy. For this, he had a two-hour long discussion with top ministers and government officials, Madhya Pradesh ,Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Gujarat government’s senior-most minister Nitin Patel. Patel has been appointed as the member in the national committee for consultation on the proposed policy. 

Patel said, “The PM has formed a high-level committee for the new proposed policy. The PM gave two hours for the discussion of the policy, which shows how seriously he takes the issue. Union home minister Rajnath Singhji, Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singhji, Radhamohan Singhji and top officials were present at the meeting. From crop insurance to introducing new technology, a number of issues were discussed. The PM has instructed the officials to focus on increasing productivity in farming on a large scale. The policy is expected to come up soon as the PM has asked to expedite the work.” 

He said that several successful practices like soil health cards and micro irrigation are likely to be adopted from Gujarat in the new policy. 

In the proposed policy, the Government of India is likely to cover wide areas. Gujarat’s Annual Krishi Mahotsav model is also likely to be replicated nationally for generating awareness among farmers and also distribute the benefits of government schemes to the farmers directly during the drive.

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