People’s Festival of Innovations with Deep-tech and Grassroot Innovations kicks off at IIC

The Deep-tech and Grassroot Innovations at the festival address needs in healthcare, agriculture and animal health, farm machinery, natural resource management, environment and clean energy sectors
People’s Festival of Innovations with Deep-tech and Grassroot Innovations kicks off at IIC
Peoples’ Festival of Innovations with Deep-tech and Grassroot Innovations kicks off at IIC

In order to showcase the strength of the strong innovation ecosystem, a People’s Festival of Innovations – for the people, by the people and of the people is being organised by India International Centre, (IIC) Delhi in its diamond jubilee year. This festival showcases the significant strides India’s science-based innovators have made besides the contribution of grassroot innovations in the past few years. It seeds connections between society and science that can usher in a new era for India’s inclusive socio-economic development.

IIC along with organising partners Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP), Bengaluru, an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and GIAN (Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network), Ahmedabad, an integral part of Honey Bee Network, brought together a high number of these socially relevant, bottom-up grassroot and high-impact innovations for public viewing through the ‘People’s Festival of innovation’ during November 19 to 29, 2022 at IIC. This event aims to celebrate these exciting and promising innovations along with their innovators and promote societal engagement across all age groups with the foot soldiers of India’s growing biotechnology and inclusive -innovation ecosystem. The event is planned as a multi-pronged engagement initiative, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee year of India International Centre, Delhi.

The horizon of the innovations

There are 50 high-tech bio entrepreneurs and 50 grassroot innovators who are displaying their innovations in a slot of 3-4 days each. The posters of all the 100 innovators is being displayed in the exhibition hall for all 10 days.

Thirty-one innovators displayed their prototypes and devices in the Gandhi King Memorial ground on Sunday and will be there till Nov. 22. The next set of innovators will display their products and prototypes from Nov. 23 to 25 and the last set will be here from November 26 to November 29, 2022.

There will also be two-panel discussions on November 21 and 22, besides storytelling sessions every day. High-tech innovations will be discussed on Nov 21 and grassroot innovations will be explored on Nov 22. The purpose is to help uncover the lessons that can help policymakers to support the emerging startup ecosystem and also bottom-up grassroot innovations scale-up. While Deep-tech and grassroots can be seen as two dichotomous types of innovation, the festival will ignite conversations on their commonalities and how they can complement each other in catalysing societal growth.

Thus, two broad themes of the festival include – Deep-tech Innovations and Grassroot Innovations addressing needs in healthcare, agriculture and animal health, farm machinery, natural resource management, environment and clean energy sectors.

Objectives of People’s Festival of Innovations

  • To create wider awareness in the 75th year of independence, about emerging inclusive innovation ecosystems including high-tech bio-enterprises and grassroot green innovations
  • To help connect innovators across this spectrum so that mutual learning and collaboration take place. Connect frugality and groundedness of grassroot innovations with high-tech applications for social applications.
  • To expose young college and school students to a wide range of innovations and facilitate their interactions with innovators so that they also aspire to be creative, innovative and empathetic in addressing unmet social needs.
  • To connect investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers and others important stakeholders with innovators to accelerate value chain development for wider social impact.
  • To identify the scope for strengthening the inclusive innovation ecosystem further to make India creative, collaborative and compassionate.

Speaking at the People’s Festival of Innovations, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO, C-CAMP, Bangalore, said, the convergence of Deep-tech and grassroot innovations makes this festival unique. While the former gives a more global perspective the grassroot innovations give a feeling of “people”, something more immediate in time and space. This festival is facilitating dialogue between the two.

Speaking at the occasion, Prof. Anil Gupta, Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions), GIAN (Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network) and National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF-India) said, some people can’t live long with the problems unsolved or don’t have the inertia to address the challenges faced by them or society. Honey Bee Network in its journey of 35 years has realised that the blending of formal and informal innovations is the crux of inclusive development through innovations. This festival also brings together the leaders of administration and some of the best minds. They can open numerous doors of opportunities which the innovators may not otherwise be able to access. This will also help in blending the social capital, ethical capital and intellectual capital that our society has.

Dr. Swati Basu, Former Scientific Secretary, Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, said, the most important thing will be to chalk out a plan on how to move forward which should be possible at the end of the exhibition, after the discussions and deliberations.

Addressing the People’s Festival of Innovations, Dr. Renu Swarup, Former Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, GoI, said that in her tenure of 33 years in the government, having helped more than 5000 innovators, this is the first time that this convergence between deep-tech and grassroot innovations has happened. This festival will bring together a diversity of audiences for these innovations and even if a fraction of them shows interest in these innovators, many opportunities may spring for them. With the interest and support of the different stakeholders, this festival may become a regular feature. This exhibition is called the people’s festival of innovation as unless people are involved it does not become a festival and what is more interesting than the people who work with their hands, the innovators. Be it the grassroots or the deep-tech, they are all innovations that impact society. Generally, these are put into separate silos and their amalgamation or confluence does not happen but there are many which can actually supplement or complement each other.

Shyam Saran, President, IIC, Delhi welcomed the innovators and said that this festival not only opens a window for the innovators but also for those who visit them. It may so happen that the innovators already have a solution to the problem that somebody has to solve in their domain or area. An important role of IIC is to give a platform for the exchange of ideas, thoughts and initiatives. He assured his support to the innovators to forge partnerships between different stakeholders.

List of Grassroot Innovators participating in the exhibition

Innovations / Project Innovator Name Location
Walking stick Akash Singh Jewar, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Foldable cylinder carrier Mushtaq Ahmad Dar Anantnag, J&K
Folded ladder Mohd Rafiq Ahanger Kishtwar, J&K
Multipurpose digger (groundnut, turmeric and garlic digger) Sanjaybhai Tilwa Gujarat
Destoner machine Janakbhai Rathod Gujarat
Banana fibre-making machine and products Murugesan Tamil Nadu
Production of groundnut separator and coconut cutting machine Senthil Tamil Nadu
Toilet attached cot Saravanamuthu Tamil Nadu
Snow remover Aabid Rehman Dar Jammu & Kashmir
Rocket stove Abdul Kareem KA Kerala
Battery operated tractor Rahul Singh UP
Cycle operated atta chakki Ganga Ram Chauhan Uttar Pradesh
Sanajing sana thambal Tongbram Bijiyashanti Devi Manipur
Low-cost orchard sprayer Deepakbhai Patel Gujarat
Farmyard manure distributor in the field Ashikbhai Gani Gujarat
Mitticool refrigerator and other clay products, crockery and bottle (Mitticool Clay Creation) Mansukhbhai Prajapati Gujarat
Three-wheel and four-wheel ploughing machines (Jai Khodiyar Welding Works) Mansukhbhai Jagani Gujarat
Multi-purpose food processing machines Dharambir Kambhoj Haryana
Hyacinth remover machine Godasu Narasimha Telangana
Biomass gasifier system Raj Singh Dahiya Rajasthan
Herbal formulation for pest control: Kamaal 505 Ishwar Singh Kundu Haryana
Dryland agroforestry Sundaram Rajasthan
Gas samawar Shazia Jan Jammu & Kashmir
Improved variety of carrot (Laxmangarh Selection) Santosh Pachar Rajasthan
Natural water cooler Arvindbhai Patel Gujarat
Improved varieties of wheat, paddy and pigeon pea Prakash Singh Raghuvanshi Uttar Pradesh
Incense Rolling Machine, coating machine, cow dung pot and rod-making machines Paresh panchal Gujarat
Bamboo splint and stick-making machine, poultry dressing machine, pig fodder cutting machine and noodle-making machine Ralte & L Salio Mizoram
Modified wood-based culturally accepted crematorium Arjunbhai Paghdar Gujarat
Modha electro-mechanical attachment for handlooms replacing jacquards Sivakumar Modha Telangana
Solar weeder and seed drill Bharatbhai Agrawat Gujarat
Modified boiler-based mawa maker Subhash Ola (NIF) Rajasthan
Tractor-mounted mini crane Niki Bharatbhai Parmar Gujarat
Water saving product (YIM Neerain) Amit Doshi Gujarat
RICHA 2000 Rajkumar Rathore Madhya Pradesh
Battery operated bike Manish Patel Uttar Pradesh
Innovative air sealant to stop punctures K Pandu Ranga Rao Telangana
Sunbird straw: Drinking straws from coconut leaves Prof. Saji Varghese Karnataka
SRISTI Balwan Ghanshyambhai Ravjibhai Bhaliya Amreli, Gujarat
SRISTI bio-decomposer Sadbhav SRISTI Sansodhan Lab Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Noha Selroti Maker Bissu Hang Limbo Geyzing, Sikkim
Intelligent sunglasses for blind Anang Tadar Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh
Paddy husk stove Ashok Thakur East Champaran, Bihar
Balwan pyaj – onion variety Balwan Singh Bhiwani, Haryana
Automatic weft winding machine Ram Prasad Meher Bargarh, Orissa
Automated Arecanut climbing and harvesting machine Suresh P V Malappuram, Kerala
HRMN 99 apple variety for low altitude Hariman Sharma Paniala, Himachal Pradesh
Groundnut digger with vibration pads Ratanram Dudhval Sikar, Rajasthan
Innovative air sealant to stop punctures K Pandu Ranga Rao Medak, Telangana
Small animal restrain cum operation table Imma Meren


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