Paras Dairy Plans to tap Enhance Market Share with new launch ‘Proquest’

With its new launch ‘Proquest’ Paras Dairy hopes to Capture 10% of Nutritional Supplements Market and it is a range of 9 whey protein nutritional products to aid your workout goals

Paras Dairy Plans to tap Enhance Market Share with new launch ‘Proquest’

Paras Dairy, a leading milk and milk products company, has entered into the sports nutrition segment with its new launch ‘Proquest.’ Proquest is a new brand of nutritional supplements. A part of VRS Foods Ltd, a leading health and nutrition company, Paras Dairy plans to capture 10 percent of the market share within the next six months.
Till now the protein supplements market in India was largely catered to by importers. Consumers generally shied away from Indian products because of lack of innovation and credibility. Only a handful of domestic players have their own manufacturing plants. Most import ingredients and process and package them in India.

Paras Dairy has formulated a new range of milk whey protein supplements which measure up to international standards and offer unmatched benefits to fitness conscious consumers. Branded as ‘Proquest Nutrition’ it offers a wide range of products in the category of whey protein isolate and concentrate, muscle builder, weight gainer and workout aids that give fitness enthusiasts the power to outshine.

For the first time in India, there is an indigenously manufactured nutritional supplement, high in protein content, instantly soluble with probiotic and digestive enzymes added to them. The entire range of Proquest products has been produced in a world class manufacturing unit and is individually tested by FSSAI approved NABL certified lab to ensure premium quality.

In recent years, focus on fitness has become an integral part of modern life. The proliferation of gymnasiums and workout centres is evidence of this. “At Paras Dairy, we keep gauging the needs of our varied customers and constantly evolve ourselves to ensure that we meet their requirements. We are sure fitness enthusiasts will love the Proquest Nutrition products and use them to fulfill their workout goals,” said Rajendra Singh, Managing Director, Paras Dairy.

“Proquest nutritional supplements contain probiotics, which are proven to help support the digestive system, boost immune health, and support protein utilization. The digestive enzymes added, break down protein into essential amino acids which aid muscle building and muscle recovery. These are unique features, being offered for the first time in a nutritional supplement in India. Because of this we are sure that Proquest will be lapped up by discerning customers,” Singh added. 

With this extraordinary range of milk whey protein supplements which contain especially engineered premium quality natural protein, scientifically tested and certified to promote muscle growth, reduce body fat and increase stamina, Paras Dairy is confident of capturing 10 percent of the market share within the next six months.

Individuals working out to lose weight need to make sure their diet control don’t leave them nutritionally deficient. The company claimed that Proquest Nutrition is the only brand in the market that takes care of all these requirements.​

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