Only 16 3 farmers of Rajasthan use organic inputs study

Fear of less production unavailability of organic inputs discourage farmers to switch to organic farming
Only 16 3 farmers of Rajasthan use organic inputs study

Only 16.3 percent farmers of Rajasthan use organic inputs, said a study conducted by the Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS).

At least 97.6 percent of farmers of the state are aware about the hazards caused by chemical-based farming inputs but "fear of less production, transition period and unavailability of organic inputs" in the market discourage them to switch to organic farming, it stated. The study also noted that 95.5 percent consumers are also aware of ill effects of chemical-based agricultural products while 88.6 percent consumers feel organic products are better than chemical based.

A majority of farmers suggested that spreading awareness and purchasing of organic food for Army, mid-day meal and at state-run canteens can be the apt measures to promote organic farming. The study highlighted that 19.9 percent farmers in Kota are doing Organic farming, 17.4 percent are doing inorganic farming, while 62.1 percent farmers have taken up both patterns of farming. Yuddhister Chandsi, a member of the study team noted that 70.8 per cent farmers said reason behind using chemical inputs is to increase production but 29.8 per cent farmers said chemical inputs are easily available in the markets.

George Cheriyan, Director CUTS said that government should concentrate on consumer oriented approach rather than export oriented approach for organic products.  

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