Now plants to light up lamps

“Plant Lamp”, it is designed as a safer alternative and used for lighting up a small area, say, for work or reading.
Now plants to light up lamps

Renewable energy is the future. Many research and scientific experiments have been carried out to easy the natural source of obtaining energy. Solar energy has been widely popularised to make it useful in day-to-day lives.

Talking about a small village is Odisha which has been the first village so far to be completely solar.The energy driven makes the village more connected to rest part of the world.Likewise Researchers at Peru’s Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) have developed an LED lamp powered by a houseplant. Called the “Plant Lamp”, it is designed as a safer alternative to dangerous fumes-generating kerosene lamps, and can be used for lighting up a small area, say, for work or reading.

“We put the plant and soil into a wooden plant pot together with a previously established and properly protected irrigation system. Then, inside the pot we place the energy generation system that we created which stores soil and electrodes capable of converting plant nutrients into electric energy,” explains Elmer Ramirez, a professor of Energy and Power Engineering at UTEC and leader of the Plant lamp research team.

This lamp has an energy recovery system, which is essentially a metal grid inside a planter. This harnesses electrons from microorganisms released by growing plants stored into the soil which contains nutrients as well as microorganisms released by plants. The grid uses the free electrons from the microorganisms. The generated power is stored in a battery, which has a capacity to power the light for up to two hours at a stretch. There is a high illumination LED.

The UTEC researchers have been testing 10 of these prototype lamps among the native community of Nuevo Saposa in Peru.


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