New technologies to meet the needs of modern markets

These new reforms are supposed to help the Chinese farms meet the needs of the modern market, while changing the industry and farmers’ lives.
New technologies to meet the needs of modern markets

Now when the nation is getting technologically advance, agriculture sector is significantly adopting technology and digital methods to get the process of farming and cultivation is much smoother and convenient way.

It is estimated that more modernized machinery may be making the work easier at the moment, but it’s only temporary relief.To utilize farmland efficiently, China is encouraging farm cooperatives by accelerating rural land transfers, granting higher subsidies to large-scale landholders, and helping to establish bigger and more specialized farming units.

It’s not easy to transfer rural land. Many farmers don’t know much about the advantages of land transfer, so they would rather keep their land, even leave it untapped. But it’s up to them to decide. We don’t force them to transfer their land. So far, almost 13 hectares of arable land have been transferred in Nanyang city, covering 19 percent of the total area.

China has made great achievements in agricultural and rural economic development, but still faces serious structural problems: some produce is over-supplied, and more is in short supply. President Xi Jinping reiterated the importance of enhancing structural reform of the supply side, in the No. 1 Central Document on agriculture for 2016.

While it’s been a long time since China had anything related to a “food shortage,” its agricultural products can’t satisfy today’s demand, and the amount and quality of arable land is declining.
Structural reform is of great urgency to reverse these trends.

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