New Holland SKY WATCH tracks and traces tractors anywhere, anytime

The advanced telematics solution tracks and traces New Holland tractors anywhere, anytime, improving productivity, cost-efficiency and provides anti-theft security

New Holland SKY WATCH tracks and traces tractors anywhere, anytime

New Holland Agriculture, a pioneer in mechanised agricultural solutions, has set a new benchmark in India by incorporating the advanced telematics solution SKY WATCH in its tractors. This system enables farmers to track and trace their machine anywhere, anytime, and allows the tractor’s owner to monitor, exchange and analyse critical information about the location and performance of their machine.

The SKY WATCH system also enables farmers to receive live updates, via a Teleconnect application and SMS service, on fuel and battery levels and geo-fencing, ensuring that the tractor is operating efficiently and within an authorised area. The system also actively sends an alert to the owner if there is an attempt to steal the vehicle or its fuel.  

Highlighting the features of this technology, Vishal Pandey, Head – Product Marketing, New Holland in India, said, “New Holland SKY WATCH is an advanced telematics solution developed and tested in India to offer seamless connected tractor experience to its owners. The SKY WATCH technology facilitates farmers providing them with prompt and accurate updates about their tractors. Farmers can monitor their machines health and other key parameters while sitting comfortably from home”.

Features improving efficiency
Through SKY WATCH, live location tracking feature, the tractor’s owner can track movements of the machine in real-time and trace its exact location at any time. This means the owner doesn’t have to worry when the tractor is operating out of sight. For retrospective viewing of the tractor’s movements, the route movement record maintains a historical track of the tractor’s location on the road and in the field. This information – reviewable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – is especially useful to new operators or rental customers.

The route navigation feature is helpful when a particular route must be taken, and for precisely meeting field service requirements. And the nearest dealer location makes it easy to identify, contact, or navigate to the nearest authorised New Holland dealer for expert service and support.

SKY WATCH also gives tractor owners peace of mind by having numerous anti-theft features. The geo-fencing, fuel theft alert, battery disconnection alert, machine moving alert and device tamper ensure the tractor’s owner receives timely alerts whenever the machine enters or exits a geo-fenced zone or makes unauthorised movements; when there is a sudden drop in fuel level; whenever there is an attempt to disconnect or remove the tractor’s battery; and if someone tries to tamper with the telematics device. In such circumstances, the owner can lock the tractor remotely with a click through the SOS button, which also connects them directly with New Holland on a toll-free number for advice.

Farmers can also monitor their machine’s performance and measure improvements in performance through SKY WATCH. The area computation report analyses critical performance parameters – liter/hour, acre/hour, and liter/acre – to monetise the machine for rental business; the machine utilisation report is useful for reviewing working and idle conditions, to check the usage pattern of the machine and take any necessary corrective action to ensure optimum productivity.  

SKY WATCH also monitors the tractor’s mechanical wellbeing. The live dashboard provides the tractor’s owner with timely updates on ignition status (on or off) and engine status (working or idling), idling hours, machine speed, engine speed (rpm), engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, air filter, brake oil level, battery charging and voltage, and fuel level.

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