NCDEX launches Agrim Sauda

Commodity exchange NCDEX has launched the forwards segment Agrim Sauda on its national level electronic platform
NCDEX launches Agrim Sauda

Commodity exchange NCDEX has launched the forwards segment, Agrim Sauda, on its national level electronic platform.
"India needs well-functioning agricultural markets where rising incomes improve the lives of millions of farmers and high quality food can reach 1.25 billion consumers, thereby becoming an integral part of inclusive growth transformation. With this initiative, we are attempting to bring real inclusiveness in the real economy," NCDEX’s Managing Director and CEO Samir Shah said.
Shah believes that the move will bring the benefits of transparent trade practices and national market can be reached through registered FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisation), and it will help increase the geographic reach of buyers and sellers.
NCDEX provides opportunity for physical market players to reduce the counter-party default risk by executing their bilateral trade under the regulatory framework of the Exchange as also the Forward Markets Commission (FMC).
Unlike the future contracts wherein the specifications are standardised, the ‘Exchange traded Forward contracts’ will enable trading parties to negotiate quantity and also the quality of the underlying commodity, date, place of delivery and settlement price as per their mutual requirements.
To begin with, this facility is being offered for sugar and maize and will be extended to other commodities soon.

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