Nabard launches Rs 100 cr scheme for fish farming in Odisha

Nabard has rolled out Rs 100 crore area development scheme ADS for fresh water fish farming in Odisha s five districts
Nabard launches Rs 100 cr scheme for fish farming in Odisha

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) has rolled out Rs 100 crore area development scheme (ADS) for fresh water fish farming in Odisha’s Balasore, Jagatsinghpur, Mayurbhanj, Cuttack and Rayagada districts.

According to A Chandrasekhar, general manager, Nabard, "The scheme covers five districts in Odisha in inland fishing activities. It has been formulated under the consultative process involving all the stakeholders." The scheme will be operational from March, 2015. The scheme was recently launched by RBI’s Deputy Governor H R Khan.

The scheme covers all 12 blocks of Balasore district, one block each in Jagatsingpur, Mayurbhanj and Rayagada districts and two blocks in Cuttack district.Out of the Rs 100 crore, about Rs 75 crore will be in the form of bank credit.

Nabard has announced that out of 121,000 hectares (ha) total water area available under ponds and tanks in Odisha, only 80,000 ha have been brought under aquaculture. The average fish productivity of the state stands at 1000 kg per acre of pond, lower than the expected productivity of 2000 kg per acre.

Upon completion, Nabard expects an increase in productivity of ponds from the present level of 1000 kg per acre of pond to at least 2000 kg per acre.

The scheme targets an annual production of additional 3500 tonne of fresh water fishes, production of 250 tonne of prawn, 700,000 litres of milk, 15000 duck eggs, 4000 kg of duck meat and 20 tonne of poultry meat.

In addition, the scheme will give direct employment opportunity to 10,000 persons and indirect employment to around 45,000 persons.

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