NAAS celebrates silver jubilee organises conference

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences celebrated its 25 years of journey which saw overwhelming response from the agricultural scientists community
NAAS celebrates silver jubilee organises conference

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) celebrated its silver jubilee at the National Agricultural Science Centre of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

The first day of the celebration was dedicated to the future scientists of the country, the post-graduate research students of National Agricultural Research And Education System. The students from 31 agricultural universities participated debating the issue of future of agriculture in India targeting 2040 as the year. 

The subsequent days were aimed towards seeking the impressions nurtured by the Associate Fellowship who are going to be around for at least next two decades, with reference to their own disciplines.

The highlights of the celebration were Special Silver Jubilee lectures delivered by the founder president of NAAS, Professor MS Swaminathan; Director General of ICRISAT, Dr. D Bergvinson and Director of University of Western Australia Institute of Agriculture, Professor Kadambot Siddique. Professor Swaminathan gave a motivating picture of the adventurous side of Indian agricultural scientists who delivered technologies to farmers despite constraints and uncertainties.

The final day was marked by an exceptionally well organised and inspiring Foundation Day lecture on by Professor YK Alagh on the structure of Indian agriculture wherein with the policy supports the possibility of achieving the 4 percent growth rate was put forward.

More than 250 fellow scientists participated which also saw recognition of three farmers and an agri-industrialist who have made India proud to face up to international challenges despite all the uncertainties accentuated by climate change.

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