Modern robotics promises to transform agriculture

The ability of robots to take over more and more farm work may prove a blessing.
Modern robotics promises to transform agriculture

Technology and innovation are set to be the future of agriculture.But what that will be? How will it be?What will be India’s stand in the world of agriculture ? Farming will be taken to a different level.

Huge machineries, touch technologies, automatic setting will forecast the grand future of farming industry. Anew generation of producers sees merit in keeping it small and smart. Modern robotics promises to transform our agricultural sector and address labour shortages, as Antony Funnell reports.

The past statistic gives a declining percentage in farming. The reasons were varied—farm rationalisations, drought, economic downturns—but many younger farmers left the land simply because they saw no future in it.

Currently it’s about big fields—what works on the big field as an average. Well, we are not worried about averages, we want production on every little bit.As a result, over that same period, the proportion of farmers aged over 55 increased from 26 per cent to 47 per cent, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

While the fear of robot-induced unemployment may worry many in cities and suburbs, in the country, at least, the ability of robots to take over more and more farm work may prove a blessing, not a curse. 

Underwood sees automated machines increasingly filling the current manpower shortage and says he’s hopeful the high-tech nature of modern farming robotics .

The robots are equipped with a whole number of different sensors that really span across the electromagnetic spectrum, using lasers to build three-dimensional pictures of the world.

‘Another one is battery technology. As we know from other areas, battery technology has improved dramatically in the last decade, and that’s another real driver for making these systems lower-cost and very effective.’

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